Sunday, September 04, 2005

Delegate Passes Away

Tributes poured into Abyss today, following the news of their Former Delegate Monadnock’s passing at the last update.

Monadnock was considered by many as a role model and the perfect citizen of Abyss. Following her arrival shortly after the founding by Auel Neider, She quickly got into the delegate seat without realising after endorsement swapping with the other nations of Abyss and, following words of encouragement from Auel, she rose to the challenge and took Abyss to new heights on the international stage.

In a statement from the Abyss founder, shortly after the news of her death came through, Auel stated his belief of Monadnock being Abyss’s ‘finest member’ “Today Abyss has lost its finest member. As Delegate and Head of Foreign Affairs she was all Abyss could wish for. Monadnock had a lot of influence in the way Abyss developed and without her Abyss would probably be a far lesser place. Any future replacements will have a hard time living up to the high standards she set for the two positions. Monadnock left us without giving us a reason. I have high hopes that we will hear from her again in the future.”

Monadnock was one of the ‘Old Guard’ Abyss members who, along with Oksana and Saves [Both now deceased], made up the Foreign Affairs Committee following the formation of the Directorate. Since that time she has outlived her two colleagues and ran the FAC pretty much on her own with great success. During her reign no less than 38 embassies were set up with other regions in Nationstates all of which are still active and established today.

Interim Delegate Nova Panoptik Paid his tribute to the nation he is succeeding, “Thank you Monadnock. Without you the landscape of Abyss would not be the same. I hope your real life goes as well as your time in Abyss did.”

Monadnock became known throughout all of the Political Spectrum of NS, through her dealings with all regions regardless of their political stance or their size. She organised Diplomatic relations with regions who are very active on the defending world, such as The Proletariat Coalition, to empire Builders, like Great Britain and Ireland.

Her co worker on the FAC, Maximum Depreciation, said this on the woman who he worked with for a short amount of time, “Here’s to you Monadnock, it was good while it lasted! Good luck to you in Real Life”

While she was Head of FAC Abyss entered into 3 Mutual Defence Alliances with the regions of Zion, City of London and The Allied States of EuroIslands. These agreements were each individually hand written by herself as she strived to get only the best deals possible for Abyss.

A nation which has worked for her for many years now as the Chief of The Diplomatic Corps, Quagmire Rocks was extremely saddened following the death of one of the nations he believes he was closest to, “Thanks Monadnock for all you done for abyss, you are part of the reason why I stayed here. All I hope is that you are ok.”

Monadnock also at times took an active role within the military when she needed to, with the failed defence and liberation of the Land of NI the most obvious example. Here she organised the military operation with nearly 10 other defender organisations with such precision that the liberation attempts almost succeeded, but unfortually the invader delegate saw the attempt just before the update….

One of the men who took part in this operation was Commander Davidu of the ARAF who gave a short thank you to her for everything she had done, “goodbye monadnock, and thank you.”

Abyss now enters a new era in its history with only its second ever delegate taking the position since its formation in January 2005. It is yet to be seen how Abyss shall guide itself after the death of one of its Greatest Ever Members.