Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Defender V's Defender in battle for the Club

In a move which shocked most of the defender community and left the invader world laughing, Defender went against Defender in the region of The Old Raiding club. The ‘Invader’ this time around was a Defender called Crazy Girl under the alias of Silent Wolf who, with the help of other ADN Members, entered the region after seeing its founder had been inactive for 59 days.

Lead by the nation of Bimmisaari, a Task force was sent out to counter this offensive and the ensuing battle saw Defender pitched against Defender, something no one ever likes to see.

At the turn of the Update, The Task force lead by Bimmisaari took the delegate position with the final count of 8-6. In an unexpected twist the founder of The Old Raiding Club was not deleted at the stroke of update meaning the delegate controls remain off, forcing those who defended the region to stay there until the ‘invaders’ have left.

When asked about how he felt about having to go on this mission to stop another defender from invading, Bimmisaari released this statement, “I didn't like it at all. While members of the RLA and NPDF were tied up in this region, at least two other regions were taken by real invaders.”
“I don't think defenders should ever invade. When they do, they give a victory to the invaders who then can claim that defenders have no principles. You could see that in The Old Raiding Club even after the NPDF and RLA pulled out. Even though my only action as delegate was to eject My Warrior Puppet, raiders continued to come into the region and smear us. “

When asked about ADN involvement in this, Bimmisaari said, “From what I've heard, this was not an ADN-sanctioned mission but other defenders in my region are still not pleased with their actions.

Crazy Girl was unavailable for comment on this story

With Defenders now being classed by some as hypocrites and having double standards, parts of the defender world has united to denounce this operation , stating that the ADN and other defender organisations should be concentrating on defending regions which need there help instead of going on pointless expeditions. Other defenders have stated that they are for this type of action to combat invaders.

With this topic being debated all around NationsStates, some parts of the defender world have voiced that Crazy Girl was right to invade the region.

“You have to fight invaders somewhere, why not in a region they hold dear?” Auel Neider Founder of Abyss on the events that are unfolding, “Only one invader group has to be stupid enough to try to retake ORC in the name of invader pride or something and we would have a victory. An invader trying to retake ORC can't invade somewhere else.”

Other’s have agreed with his statement with Glenon of the Genvali United stating, “ we are in a war against invaders. If we are in a war, why shouldn't we strike at Invaders instead of waiting for them to strike us?”

This has driven a divide down the defender community with some nations believing this event hides the good work that defenders do everyday in helping regions which need it. The general consensus seems to be that no matter what, this will leave a mark of some kind on defenders as a whole.

Giant Cheese Weasels of Peaceian had this to say on the matter, “I am firmly against any action in TORC as it is completely hypocritical of everything we're supposed to stand for! I for one will be ordering the PLF out to Defend TORC if any Defenders…move in to take the Delegacy of a region”

Despite concerns which have been raised by members of the defender community, there has been support for this by many nations, including Snowflake of Dun eideann, “ It was a great opportunity and very difficult to pass by. Taking and holding an Invader Region would be a coup, and would send a poignant message to the Invaders.”

This debate is surely going to go on for a while, with Defenders being split as to who was right and who was wrong. Without a doubt the actions of a few Defenders, right or wrong, has highlighted the difference in principles and ideas between Nations that spend there NS life defending. While this can be a bad thing it can also be a good thing, as it shows that Defenders shall, no matter what, always try and help those which are in danger of losing the freedom to run their region how they like, no matter what the region, or who the natives.