Sunday, August 07, 2005

Espionage in the Proletariat Coalition

Espionage in the Proletariat Coalition

After extensive investigations by the Red Liberty Alliance Intelligence Director Blackbird, it has been found that the nation of SainsburyGoers is a spy puppet sent to the region by Zombie_Lagoon of Great Britain and Ireland.

Great Britain and Ireland, better known throughout Nationstates as GB&I, are a known imperialistic region who have had many battles with the TPC over the years as TPC have tried to prevent GB & I’s colonisation attempts. This has lead to diplomatic relations between the two regions becoming almost non existent.

Members of The Proletariat Coalition consider this as another desperate step by the GB&I Government to try and stop their descent into Nationstates history and to put themselves back into the spotlight. Following the defeat in Palestine, GB&I have suffered many setbacks with their colonisation attempts, with their home region losing members all the time and many corners of the world seeing them in a bad light.

The Red Factions had this to say,
"It is the opinion….that spies and traitors have no place in the Coalition – espionage, defection to the enemy and attempts to impair our military is an act of stupid futility who will be punished with all severity of the law. Let this event serve as a reminder to all our enemies: the Red Liberty Alliance is watching you and shall not tolerate your sabotage attempts. We will do what is necessary to defend our sovereignty." (Source VOTP)

Zombie_Lagoon has now been charged by The People’s High Court who have authorised the permanent ban of his nation from their region and forums as well as the RLA’s after being found Guilty of trying to impair the military power of the state, to promote the subservience of The Proletariat Coalition as well as acts of espionage