Monday, July 04, 2005

Eye On Nationstates

Yes that’s right it is time for another edition of Eye on Nationstates where I ask a long standing member of the game Questions just to give you an idea of what the game is like to other players. This week it is our very own, Head of Internal Affairs Nova Panoptik!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview for me :D

Max DP- How long have you been playing NS for?

Panoptik-Hmm, i guess it must be around a year, maybe a bit more...Max DP- where did the name of your Nation come from?

Max DP- where did the name of your Nation come from?

Panoptik- Completly out of my head! I thought up that my nations people speak russian, and its a fairly russian sounding name...apart from that, its completly made up.

Max DP- How did you come across NS?

Panoptik- I used to play a game called Londinivm, its another one on the Jolt network, but i neverreally got into it. One day i saw an advert for NS scrolling around, and thought i mightas well try it.

Max DP- What region did you come from before Abyss

Panoptik- I had a nation in the region City of London - its still there in fact. Try to guess who i am!

Max DP- What made you decide to take on the responsibilities of becoming Head of Internal Affairs?

Panoptik- I came here in the early days of the region on request of Auel, and it was one of the first positions open to me. We didnt have an army back then, and had less than 20 nations! How we've grown...

Max DP- What are your Plans to help Improve Abyss further?

Panoptik- To keep Ruescher on his leash! Hehee! Seriously though, ive started the Court recently along with StateLT's help, and i hope that that will bring some more involvement to Abyss. Also keep a look out for the Constitution - its being drafted and changed and whatever but it shoudlnt be too far over the horizon.

Max DP- Who in your opinion is the greatest NS player you have come across?

Panoptik- Ah but there’s so gonna go with our very own Delegate, Monadnock. She may have blundered into the delegate position by being the first nation here to get endorsments, but shes shown remarkable dedication to the region - much of our good foreign relations today is down to her, as well as the regions very own internet site.

Max DP- What is the best moment you have had in NS?

Panoptik- A lot of the roleplays have been funny, we've got some imaginative people here in Abyss...Back in City of London it was quite nice to log-on one day and find that i was Delegate, that was a while before Abyss was even a thought in Auel's head though.

Max DP- What one word summaries NS and Abyss and why?

Panoptik-NS = good, Abyss = gooder...i mean better. Why? Because it is!
Max DP- Are you planning to stick around Abyss for ever or are you going to move one day?
Panoptik- I'll be in Abyss as long as we have active members. Ive looked at other regions before, but none of them have really appealed to me...

Max DP- what would you do if NS went down for Good?

Panoptik-What?! NS went down! Oh right...phew. Hmm, id try and find something like it for a month, realize that it doesnt exist, and then just keep a look out for NS 2. Either that or try and play Londinivm again.

Thanks for taking the time to Answer these Questions and giving the readers an insight into your life within Nationstates.