Friday, June 17, 2005

News June 17th

The Headlines Today

Bong! CEO at war with RKKA
Bong! Equilism reaches 250 members

CEO at war with RKKA

Early reports have indicated that Galts Gulch and the CEO have declared war upon the RKKA, the Raboche-Krest'yanskaya Krasnaya Armiya.Knowing the very limited ressources the RKKA can wield in the military field as compared to the CEO, a military conflict is likely to weaken the RKKA even further therefore it has been reported that their leaders are seeking a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Further reports indicate that the Admiral of the Galts Gulch military has been authorized and directed to employ their entire military force of their army in the war against the RKKA. This poses a considerable threat against the disorganised and rather malfunctioning army of the RKKA.Just a few days ago, CEO forces moved in the region of Socialism and attempted to wrestle the delegacy from JernNeve. However, this invasion attempt was spotted by RKKAs Minister of Military Affairs, The Red Factions, who rang the bell at the RLA's Invasion Warning Centre and initiated a defence of the region. The invasion by the CEO forces failed and the delegacy of Socialism was narrowly secured through update despite having the RLAF operating in three regions at the time of the update ( Brasil, Zurich Orbital and Socialism ). As the missions in Zurich Orbital and Brasil came to a conclusion - TPDF and RLAF poured into the region, securing a massive lead for the native delegate and left no doubt as to who had emerged victorious from the battle of Socialism. However, EuroSoviets, Commander of the RLAF, issued the following standing order at the RLA the following day and opened up a debate on the issue in the Central Soviet.

The RLA will not intervene in any conflict between CEO and the RKKA.The CEO have declared a lawful sovereign war against the RKKA on the basis of RKKA attacks on CEO regions. They are fully within their rights to do this. RLA forces are not to defend against CEO forces.Negotiators from CEO and RKKA need to sort this one out. It is not our place to interfere. would expect other organisations not to interfere should we declare sovereign war on a third party.

The situation as of now remains unclear. Rumours has it that the diplomatic overtures made by Comrade General are on a way to come to a successful end - however, further investigations indicates requests from the CEO to the RKKA demanding a termination of the membership of the People's Revolutionary Party have been made in order for the CEO to accept declaring peace. As regions have pledged to not interfere in this sovereign war and as the last hope of the RKKA military wise, the RLA has done the same, battle prospects for the RKKA look grim indeed, especially when it is understood that not a single trooper from the RKKA came to the defence of Socialism.
(Sorce:Ketoprofen, the TPC)

Equilism reaches 250 members

Today the region of Equilism is celebrating after reaching their goal of 250 member nations within its boarders. This is truly a momentous occasion that is being celebrated and gives hope to all regions that with a little hard work they too can grow into a large powerful and respected region.

Here is a statement released by the minister of Intelligence, Nooterland:

“Back when I was campaigning for President, our region sat at about 200 members, and at times dipped as low as 180. One of my stated goals was for us as grow and prosper, and reach the pie-in-the-sky figure of 250 nations. Now, through the hard work of our Immigration Department and an army of volunteer recruiters, we've reached that lofty goal! (This figure is based on the number of nations residing in the region, not counting minor fluctuations, puppets or forum activity.)250 nations is really something. As a point of reference, there are about 16,000 regions in NationStates, and the average size of them is just eight nations. Having 250 members puts us in the elite, among the top 15 of all player-created regions in the entire game. Also noteworthy is the number of UN nations we have, and the rate of endorsement for our UN Delegate, Chaucerin. With more than 70 endorsements, our vote in the UN carries a lot of weight.But wait, there's more! In a just-released survey by The Mighty Pump from USK, Equilism was voted to have the third most powerful army in the entire game, and also ranked in the top three of most influential player-created regions in NationStates. That's simply stupendous.Equilism is truly one, very big, happy family, and it's time we celebrated together. Think of E250 as a giant family picnic, but with more drinking and debauchery.You can find the special E250 sub forum in The Bar, at this address: The celebration is open to all Equilism members and our visitors. Drop by and you will find a slew of polls, the awarding of long long-awaited titles, a brand new and deviously tricky Scavenger Hunt game, special announcements and more. The celebration will last for two weeks. The E250 celebration could not have happened without some very hush-hush work behind the scenes – special thanks to the E250 Committee: Nooterland, Moo-Cows, Astarial, Tse Moana and Chaucerin.Come have a piece of cake with us, and raise a toast to the next 250 members!”

Many thanks have already been given out to Nooterland and his team:
Tse Moana and
for working so hard and in secret to pull off the biggest surprise and celebration in Equilism's history!

From everyone in Abyss we must say that this is indeed a magnificent achievement that deserves special recognition throughout the NS world. This has proven that if you put in the effort of enticing members to your region and by being active throughout, you will grow in stature and become a leader within the game. This also proves that every region can grow, just like this one in time.

Again congratulations on a great achievement.