Monday, May 30, 2005

Regional News 30th May

The Headlines Today.....

Bong! FCS Inner Turmoil
Bong War Games
Bong! The Den take another region

FCS Inner Turmoil

Over the last few weeks the Federal commonwealth society has been through a few major changes. two weeks ago their founder ‘Great Britain’ ceased to exist due to inactivity and was therefore deleted. This threw the region into turmoil as they now need a new prime minister. This position was soon taken up by native ‘The Conservative Imperial Nation of Posul’ he held this for a while until Elmerfudd took it from him. This is where the trouble began. Elmerfudd got into power and pass worded the region. He also banned the former PM ’Posul’ this caused uproar with the rest of the population of FCS resulting in him being ousted from power and exiled from the region. To try and clear up the mess that he left ‘The Armed Republic of Contran’ became acting PM unpasswording the region and allowing Posul to return and take up his rightful position as Prime Minister of the Federal Commonwealth Society.
Soon after being re elected as PM Posul had this to say to his region,
The Struggle is over, and the time has come for us to end this sorry chapter in this region's history. We have worked hard to build the region, and I was shocked to realise that perhaps that might have been destroyed due to the actions of one man. But thankfully such to people such as WWA, Contran, Xivizar, Jamesburgh, The Planet Federation, Moonseed, Schnormandy and a list of all the loyal supporters of the FCS, Elmer was stopped. However lessons are to be learned. We do have a system that listens to you the people of the FCS, I urge to join the off-site forum, endorse your fellow nations, partake in democracy. This system can work, it is you the people of the FCS that run it, not one man. I introduced a system of constant elections to the House of Commons, Lords and Select Committees to allow new and old nations alike to do this. We must work together to build upon the democracy that many nations have worked for. I am sure many have also noticed how venerable the FCS is at the moment, one rogue nation managed to take over the Delegate spot with no resistance. I therefore make clear my intention to make sure that an Army of the FCS is created once again to defend this great region and its protectorates. Never again shall such a problem arise. I thank once again all loyal members of the FCS, and welcome all nations of the FCS to take up the torch of democracy, and help to make this great region even greater.”

War Games

The regional war games end at todays update with Team Alpha in pole position to win this months games. Team Alpha lead by Crenshar has held the Delegacy since day one and look set to capture the Title of Wargames Champions. Teams Omega and Beta have not made a move but it is looking likely that they will strike just before the update and try to take the delegacy from right under the noses of Alpha. Within the last few moments it has become clear that Team Beta have moved in to try and take the delegacy, but have been spotted by Team Alpha And ejected from the War Games region. Following the ejections General Crenshar leader of Team Alpha had this to say,
“Way to early guys”

We shall give you the final result tomorrow when this episode ends.

The Den takes another region

The Den has today revealed to the whole of NS that it has taken the region of Academia. The Den are one of the oldest invader groups that operate within Nationstates so it comes as no surprise that this region has fallen to them.
The Wrench in the NS Gears of Illuminated Ones released this statement earlier today,
The DEN took Academia last night in a whirlwind raid, proving that having inept RLA Outposts stationed within your region does no good whatsoever to prevent your delegate from being tossed out. We brought the bar, and the lovely natives are providing some fine scholars, proving that alcohol and academics are a fine mix indeed. We hope to have many enlightening discussions as the day and evening wear on, and perhaps we can all play cards as we watch our very own Private WALMART WORLD ORDER boot the defenders out as fast as they come in. Go WWO!!!!”

It has yet to be seen if any defender organisations like the Pacific Defenders etc. are going to try and liberate this region. We shall give you more news on this as we get it.