Tuesday, May 24, 2005

May 24th 2005

The Headlines Today…

Bong! Regional Population Up
Bong! Regional Flag and Anthe
m Decided
Bong! Wargames Commence
Bong! New Embassies open

Regional Population Up

The regional population has risen sharply over the last few weeks with the region seeing an influx of immigrants setting up home here in Abyss. Over the last few weeks we have seen the number of Nations within Abyss rise from 140 Nations to getting close to 170 nations, a rise of almost 30 nations within the last few weeks. This number has dropped slightly mainly because of the regional ARAF war games which have restarted after a 4 week break. This rise in numbers is mainly thanks to the recruiters of this region finally starting to help out the UN delegate, Monadnock. If you are interested in helping with recruiting please contact Monadnock for more details.

Regional Flag and Anthem Decided

The regional flag and Anthem of Abyss has finally been decided by the members of Abyss. For a few weeks now a vote has been carried out by the members of the Abyss Forum as to what flag we wanted. There were designs by the GB Ambassador to Abyss, Oogywala, Plaerah Blerrt, Panoptik and Far Hills. Thanks has been sent out to all Nations who entered a design with the winner being Far Hills number 8 design. If you wish to see the designs please go to the forum and look in the Regional Flag Compilation thread. The regional anthem has also been decided as the stonecutters song from the Simpson’s.

Wargames Commence

The regional ARAF War Games started this week with a number of nations in three different teams, Team Alpha, Team Beta and Team Omega. This month the wargames were allowed to be set up by Major Ruescher of the 7th division. The region which the teams shall be attacked and controlled is called ‘Ruescher beats Crenshar’
Teams have been allowed to conduct their plans secretly for a week before the wargames started. These War Games have been full of problems though with two leaders that were assigned to lead their teams requesting not too for reasons beyond there control. This had forced the wargames to be postponed for two days to give the new leaders a chance to make a plan. The first team in were Team Alpha lead by Crenshar and contains the nations of Maximum Depreciation, Dyersburg, Cobdenia
And Happy Hippyville. Team Alpha managed to take the delegacy and now there job is to defend against attacks from the other teams. The war games shall take place for a week.

Do you want to help your region?? Do you want to help it grow big and strong?? Well apply for the job Assistant Chief of the Diplomatic Core today! The diplomatic core is responsible for embassies, ambassadors, and espionage in Abyss. The responsibilities for the ACDC will include recruiting new ambassadors, new regions to open embassies in Abyss, and maintaining good diplomatic relationships with regions and/or organizations Abyss has relationships with. The ACDC will also be required to step in and act as acting-Chief of the Diplomatic Core (CDC) when the CDC is unavailable due to other obligations, vacation time, and/or undercover work.If you are interested in being the ACDC please send letter of interest to Monadnock with reasons why you are best qualified for the position. Closing date for applications is 1 June 2005.