Wednesday, May 18, 2005

May 18th 2005

The Headlines Today…

Bong! Atlantis Found!
Bong! Latest on Mondanock and the political Parties
Bong! War Games restarted

Atlantis Found!

The testing carried out by the Kingdom of Ruescher has confirmed that this lost city off the coast of there mainland is the lost city of Atlantis!
It seems that the old city was once garrisoned by the Order itself. Records recovered so far detail that a war against the Order and the Bernarous raged for hundreds of years and that this City was one of the last installations before the Order fled this part of the galaxy over 100,000 years ago. Their records are still fully intact and it seems the facility was generally unharmed. The Government Ruescher have recovered large amounts of information regarding the Order's ships specifications, capabilities, and actually how to construct them and their weaponry. It is not yet known if the Orders will demand that these be returned to them. The king states that this is a glorious find for all of mankind as the facility points in the direction that it was actually monitoring human development over the ages.

The Orders earth reprehensive released this statement about the extraordinary find;
“The Order have been monitoring your activates regarding this new find and applaud the ‘new discovery’ you have found although we must reveal that we always knew where this lost city was. We warn you though that there are things that you know nothing of yet and should know nothing of till your race is farther along.

We request that a team be allowed to pass your guards in order that we might recover any dead on the city, any artefacts that we hold dear, and for us to once again walk the halls, if even for a brief time before you begin researching this.

We also would like to be able to work with your scientists to help you understand all that you have found and to help in your transition from Earth bound nations to Space bound.”

Latest on Mondanock and the political Parties

Yesterday we reported to you the news that Monadnock, our long serving Delegate, expressed her intention to leave. This is due to a number of reasons but mainly the political parties it is believed. To try and come to an end this argument and unfortunate sequence of events, Auel, the founder of Abyss, has stepped in and gave his view.
“Every now and then a region tries to create a Party System. I have seen it before and I can tell you exactly how it turns out.
Every time the members of the region begin to fight among themselves. We are only having the discussion and already our most respected member thinks of leaving Abyss.
A party system will tear our region to peaces. We will become a region with members who are constantly fighting among each other. I am convinced of this.
Therefore I can not support this idea.”

This seemed to put an end to this discussion until Crenshar issued a statement on behalf of all nations who want the political parties.
“We never wanted Monadnock to leave, we never wanted to elect a delegate, we never wanted her to have to deal with that.

We are trying to get more people on the committee and have it done in a democratic way, this whole thing has been misunderstood. Nations have stated over and over that we shouldn’t elect a Delegate through political parties, fine, except that was not what this is about.
We are creating political parties for those that want them, nothing wrong there. We have always bickered about politics on here, no reason to not get organized about it, and I agree Auel, it could go down hill or it could work.
We only wanted to elect a person to the committee that they wanted to have someone serve on anyways. Like I have said over and over and over, we just wanted a democratic process on who serves in the job post that is open. Just that one and only post, not the entire committee, not the Delegate, not the Founder etc, just the one per post per committee that they have open, like the IAC, or FAC. "

This stunned Auel who thought the ideas of a political party was a way of overthrowing the directorate system which has served the region of Abyss so well.

So this debate drags on. We should hopefully get a definite no or yes within the next few days.

War Games restarted

The National War Games have recommenced after an absence of a few weeks. This time the war games are not being setup by the General but a Major in the ARAF, Ruescher. The general thought it would be good to have someone else have a go at organising everything so he let someone new have a go at it. The War Games have changed a little bit since the last time with the added addition of another team and all teams shall start outside the region before making a move with the first team in getting to be the defender trying to stop the other 2 from invading. The War Games are scheduled to start on Friday.