Monday, May 16, 2005

May 16th 2005

The Headlines Today…..

Bong! A new Discovery off the coast of Ruescher?
Bong! Medical Centre winner announced
Bong! Monadnock to leave?
Bong! Numbers Rising

A new Discovery off the coast of Ruescher?

Today around 2:00 in the morning, the entire Kingdom of Ruescher’s navy formed a physical blockade around the coastline of the kingdom today at the request of the king. From subs, to destroyers, to battleships a blockage of unprecedented proportions are refusing access to the mainland. This has effectively put the kingdom of Ruescher under ’house arrest’ with the navy given orders not to let anyone into or out of the country . As well half of the Ruescher air force is in the air patrolling the area, maintaining air superiority. As well the king himself has taken off from the government base in Venus to Earth today in a high speed transport. The king when asked refused comment before rushing off Venus. The king did say from his transport, however that once he has all the details he will release a statement on the situation.
The king arrived at Ruescher’s main space airport inside the Kingdom at midday and immediately released a statement regarding the current situation.
“The Navy, as you know, has formed a blockage around the kingdom today. Do not threat this is not because of a physical threat made to The Kingdoms safety but quite the opposite. We have found, during a routine surveying of our coast what seems to be old ruins dating back thousands of years. We do not know yet what these ruins are and as we speak there are elite underwater squadron which is conducting tests upon the ruins. We should get the results soon in the next week.”
Scientists are already commenting that it could be the lost city of Atlantis which was said, by the order, to have been destroyed by the Bernarous many years ago when the aliens attack earth before. Although this is unconfirmed it remains a possibility. Other possibilities also include an old settlement which was home to a good many Neanderthals in the early time of civilisation. We should know the results of this testing soon.

Medical Centre winner announced

Yesterday the winner of the highly anticipated new mega-hospital has been made. The winner was Craig Lock, who with his spectacular ‘Tower of Christ’ design managed to win the prize money of $50 million.
At a special ceremony yesterday to mark the creation of the hospital Craig Lock gave this speech.
“ I would like to thank the king of Ruescher for deciding on my design. This design is one of a kind and shall stand out as a marking achievement of what you can do if you dare to dream the impossible.”

When asked about where he got the idea for this design from Craig said,
“The design came from me thinking about what would stand out. What would make this an eye-catching building that people will look at and think ‘wow how was that done??’ This building does that I think”

Monadnock to leave?

With the Political parties system taking off there has been a debate started about why we need these parties.
Monadnock was the first person to make a comment on this situation stating that the regional government never stepped in to stop you from running your own country and that all the lists that are in the parties pages are Nation polices only:
“The truth is you are free to run your nation however you like. The Abyss Regional Government has never stepped in and told a nation how to run their nation nor do we have any plans to. I looked at the "lists" in all three political parties and those are all NATION issues NOT regional issues. We're not into banning nations in Abyss so we're not about to say what type of nation is welcome here and what nation is not. You are free, as an independent nation, to have a relationship with any nation you so choose.We have embassies and welcome embassies with ALL regions. Embassies are NOT alliances. Embassies are a diplomatic house where the other region can come and discuss their issues, concerns, etc. with Abyss. We have embassies with friends as well as those who are not are friends. We will also have embassies in regions we are friends with and regions we are not so friendly with. We are only going to have alliances with friends. To date we have not entered into any alliance although the government is currently in the process of negotiating one. You know what if you don't like it the way the government is run you have an option, leave! None of you were forced to come to Abyss. None of you are forced to stay here. If you don't like the way the region is run, go. I admit it's not perfect. But time and time again I've asked for people to serve on other committees than the Defence Committee (which is full) and no one is willing.”

This also made Nova Panoptik sound out about the fact that he also has jobs available but yet no one wants to help in other committees apart from the defence committee. Many ideas have had to be shelved because of the fact the region does not have enough interested people in helping out with any other part of the army.

It has arisen that the Kingdom of Ruescher has been asked to help but declined as he only wanted to serve on the Defcom, which has annoyed Monadnock greatly with her saying that he has now shown his loyalty to the region threw this action.

Crenshar has stepped in to try and sort out the mess and problems that the idea of political parties have made. He suggested…
“What we are doing is a compromise, its an election but we are just trying to be democratic in who we want on the committees, we don’t want to change delegate, I don’t want to change the directorate, what I think people want is more fresh representation on the committees, so with that in mind I agreed with the political system, if we all vote on one person per committee that is open then we will all feel like we had a say in our region and how its formed, those on the committee will stay, we don’t want to replace you, we are just trying to do what you wanted Monadnock and add people to the committee to help out, these would be people that campaign for the job, that want the job, many didn’t even know they were open....and now cause of this idea they do. I ask that we be allowed to hold elections and place a person from that party with your approval to the committee they campaign for. We don’t want a regime change, we don’t want to change the structure, we just want democratic representation to the committee that the people of abyss elected and that were not appointed.”

Although this is a good idea Monadnock has made her intentions clear. She does not want any political parties within Abyss and has threatened to leave if this goes ahead. Many Nations have pleaded with her to change her mind about leaving with The nation of Maximum Depreciation assigned to sort out this problem.

More news on this shall be made public to you tomorrow.

Numbers Rising

The number of Nations in Abyss today broke the 150 mark for the first time in a few months. These nations shall replace the long serving old nations that died long ago. So please welcome to the region:
The Jingoistic States of Kablikistian
The Queendom of Aspenden
The Commonwealth of Dark Aurora
The Commonwealth of Holy Colney and
The Theocracy of Achon Neuvrach Sieron

There are still jobs available in the foreign affairs committee with positions in recruiting and ambassador postions always open.

For more details contact Monadnock.