Sunday, May 08, 2005

May 8th 2005

The headlines today…

Bong! Alien horde beaten back
Bong! Space fold debate heats up again
Bong! Inner turmoil within GREAT Britain
Alien horde beaten back

The alien horde was today beaten back by illegal Ruescher ships called the Drej class ships. These ships were supposed to of been dismantled due to them being found to be in violation of the ‘Great DS disarmament accord’. These ships can easily destroy a whole planet as was shown last time they were used against the alien colony and therefore are too dangerous to be used. The king of Ruescher has today issued an apology for the reuse of these ships but he stated this was the only way to stop the alien threat. The aliens suffered around 80% damage to their fleet with human casualties around 70%. The king of Ruescher made this statement a short time ago;
"We believe we scared the aliens enough for them to leave us alone. We are discussing terms with the aliens to end hostilities as we speak and possibly enter a friendly status with them"
We shall not know what the outcome of these talks shall be until tomorrow.

Space fold debate heats up again

The debate about the use of space fold technology returned to the top of the pile today with Ruescher stating that the reuse and selling of this tech by Crenshar is against the accord signed by both nations. This is denied by Crenshar with him claiming that the accord was signed based upon the problems that were produced with the continued use. These have now been rectified and the technology is perfectly safe. With this latest debate it has also arisen that to defeat the alien horde Ruescher used a banned technology. The technology that he used is against the DS accord and was deemed too dangerous as it can destroy a planet easily. It has been discovered that Ruescher only wanted to ban the technology as it was against his interests. The king stated that he wanted the Fold Tech banned cause it was against the interests of his country. The fact that it was dangerous was just a bonus for him. The king acknowledged that he signed the treaty because the space station having the power to destroy a world was unthinkable yet he is unable to give a justification as to why it is not unthinkable to have ships that can do the same thing.

Inner turmoil within GREAT Britain

After the recent invasion threat the blame game has started in GREAT Britain and the finger has started to point to The Knight of Great Britain of West Riding of York. York, who is currently acting as prime minister, is said to of overreacted to the recent threat and is said to of crossed the line with the way he acted on the issues regarding the invasion. Gan- asked the following questions to York in a heated debate yesterday;

Gan- Why did you stay up all night when GREAT Britain still had a founder? and why did you when the update for this region is just before 9am?

York-At the time of the invasion the founder had been inactive for 59 days. I knew as well as the invaders what would happen when that got to 60. Due to the collapse I had to form a coalition, while at the same time destroying the attacking coalition through diplomatic means. I decided not to leave this until 5 minutes before the update.

Gan- Why did you take over delegacy (with outside help) when Duvna was still logging in?

York-I knew for a fact that Duvna was away for the bank holiday and started the motion of switching the delegacy long before he returned. Changing orders half way through the switch would have resulted in chaos: we decided to see the switch through, fully brief Duvna as he has never seen the regional controls before, then switch back.

Gan- why did you Alter the Factbook without consulting anyone?

York- I was open to sensible suggestions from the War Cabinet: leaving a highly irrelevent message up there didn't make any sense at all.

Gan- why did you threaten to boot out UN members who didn't support you even though they were native and in some cases inactive?

York- SOPs in a founderless region under threat of invasion. It's easy to feign inactivity to look less threatening.

Gan- And why did you doubt Feynland? I never did.

York- Because he ceased to exist, as has Feynlandia, his puppet in England.
Gan- You say this region is un-democratic? well I'm afraid that was all you. Making Alliances and pacts without asking anyone else what they thought, and when I said no, all you could say is 'it's not negotiable'

York- I was Foreign Secretary, appointed by the Prime Minister who was in turn elected by the people. As Home Secretary it was inappropriate for you to criticise foreign policy and your cabinet colleagues (including the PM I might add!) in public.

The man responsible for the blame game, The Empire of - -Great Britain- -, had this to say to the region which he was trying to invade:
“It appears I have succeeded in throwing this region into chaos and confusion. Well it was always in that. Your founder has no idea what is happening 99% of the time and you have a power-Hungry person always playing Devil's advocate (Gan-). You ejected the only active person who was succeeding in defending against me by mustering up support from several regions and organizations which lead to my retreat to Victoria. I have the utmost respect for West Riding of York and am truly sorry for causing HIM grief and I also apologize to the only other half good people in this region Wideawake and Claverton, I did not mean to cause you this much grief.”

It seems that The Empire of - -Great Britain- -, was just trying to point out the problems with this region although this has been unconfirmed. He has however achieved in waking up the region and making it more vigilant to what is happening around them and this experience is sure to make them a stronger region.