Monday, May 02, 2005

May 1st 2005

The headlines today...
Bong! Prices skyrocket on raw materials
Bong! Region of GREAT Britain under attack??
Bong! New Abyss Chatroom
Bong! New Embassy opens
Prices today skyrocketed on raw materials with some like oil and iron almost tripling in price and is continuing to rise. Ruescher's minister of trade today said that the rise was mainly due to the ammount of purchases made by the Ruescher government to re-arm itself after the recent rebellion, that has left them in serious need of raw materials to rebuild buildings and arms for there army. The king of Ruescher also made this announcement.
"The main problem with rising costs is the fact that it is beginning to slow down economies all across the solar system. Heck it was only yesterday the global economic growth rate reduced by half! This cannot go on. We must come up a plan to curb this quickly before we go into a depresion."
To try and find out how to curb this rise the king has announced that it shall be holding a conference of all nations within Abyss on its main space colony of Venus. Ambassadors of Maximum Depreciation, Plaerah Blerrt, Auel Neider and Panoptik are already there with many more expected to arrive within the next few hours.
The region of GREAT Britain has today come under the threat of invasion from an old member of its region, The Empire of - -Great Britain- -. This nation has been seen going round as many nations as he can trying to drum up support for his invasion. So far he has been unsuccesful. If he had been able to drum up support he would of created Chaos within the region with many nations comming in to try and help him achieve his goal. Abyss News managed to get a short interview with a native of GREAT britain, The Principality of Royal Welch Fusiliers who released this statment to us not long ago.
"- -Great Britain- - only ever briefly resided in GREAT Britain, during which time he caused great embarrassment by impersonating --Great Britain-- (the founder of Great Britain and Ireland) while trying to drum up support for an invasion of Northern Ireland. On one hand he seems quite clever at using peoples' prejudices to his advantage: for example he visited several outwardly right wing regions and gained their support by claiming he was 'liberating' GREAT Britain from socialists.
On the other hand he's a complete idiot: instead of planning this invasion in secret and in advance he went around posting on regional message boards, including our own! This enabled us to organise a last minute defence."
Abyss News has tried to contact - -Great Britain- - to ask his side of the story but so far is unavailable for comment.
In regional News Abyss's founder has set up a new chat room for the region which should make communicating easier for all nations that reside in Abyss. It is in its experimental stage at the moment but all nations are encouraged to start using it.
Abyss has always tried to have good relations with as many Defender nations as possible so we are pround to announce that a new embassy has just been opened within Islyan Plains. Islyan Plains is a relativly new defender region but has already grown in number to 115 nations. The F.A.C has been working on trying to get an embassy in this region for the last few days and are extremly happy that it has now been approved by the Islyan govenment. The ambassador to the region shall be Maximum Depreciation who shall work under the puppet name of AbyssAmbassador. if you would like to form an embassy in Abyss please contact Monadnock who is the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee.