Saturday, April 30, 2005

April 30th 2005

The headlines today...
BONG! The ARAF return
BONG! rebuilding starts in the Kingdom of Ruescher
The order has been sounded by the General for all troops that have been in service within City of London to return home. The order was issued on saturday after the threat of invasion subsided. The General has announced that he is extremly happy with the way the troops responded,
"I am very pleased at our reaction time and abilty to mobilze to the defense of CoL."
When asked about our founder originally comming from City of London if we, as a region, are looking to strengthan relations with them to prevent the threat of invasion returning, the general had this to say,
"we look forward to furthering our alliance with them and possibly in the future getting a joint defense force created, at the moment we are in the creation process of a foregn legion and that is all I can say on that. From what I understand this has signifigantly improved our relations with CoL and has shown them that we will stand true to our word when we say we willl rush to thier aid when needed."
The rebuilding of Ruescher Infrastructure has now started on earth after it was announced that Maximum Depreciation is sending over five trillion worth of steel an other materials for free to the nation on behalf of their frendship with the king. It is estimated that it will take Ruescher around a decade to return to its former glory. The death toll is said to be within the tens of thousands for both sides with the casulties outnumbering the number of hospitals and doctors there are within the nation. There are fears that a disease epidemic could sweep through Ruescher as water and electricity supply has been cut off. Teams are working around the clock to try and reconnect these although they dont have the manpower to do this for every city.
"Are you looking to improve your Earth Fleet?? Are you looking to build up your Army??
then look no futher than Chokibuu Arms dealership! We can sell you anything you want from top of the range Modern Armour to Aegis Missle Cruisers and b-52 Stratafortress! Prices start at just $1000 so get down to Chokibuu today! "
Located west of Monadnock.
" Crenshar is making a one time sale on his old fleet and armaments numbering just under 2000 units! This is a one time only sale and they are going fast so get to Crenshar today!"
Located just north of Cyclopentane.