Saturday, December 03, 2005

Red liberty Alliance strike once more to take down ‘Invaders’ forums.

The Phrase ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it’ seems to be fitting to this saga as once more the Red liberty Alliance Intelligence service has destroyed another Invader forum, this time, ‘invaders’.

As invader members logged onto their regions boards yesterday they came across a board message, left by the RLA stating that the boards are now part of RLA Property. Before they shut down the boards they also ‘looted’ several accounts of invader leaders for information. Members of the RLA Military committee have also stated that the IP address of certain nations there have also been seized as they looked to gain as much information as possible before finally deleted the boards which had close to 16,000 posts.

It was stated by the RLA that the forum had been taken with the Help of prominent defender organisation the Alliance Defence Network, although this has been denied by members of the ADN and Nascornia where the founder, Pope Hope, is also the founder of the ADN.

On the forum shoutbox of Invaders, anger, and once more disappointment, has come about with Acro Monks stating that the RLA are ‘sad little democrat wannabe[‘s]?

In response Xha’dam said, ‘How many of your boards will we have to kill and invasions do we have to stop before you recognize the truth? We're simply better than you. Our military is better. Our intelligence is better.’

As events unfolded claimed Shadowlord managed to re-capture the decimated boards and restore most of what was destroyed. Claiming this was a victory over defenders, with support from the disbanded invaders command council, who also stated that invaders would come out stronger because of this, Shadowlord attempted to claw back some pride that had been all but destroyed by the RLA’s act. This was laughed off by members of the RLA with Xha’dam, General Secretary of the RLA stating that the myth of invaders strength has been destroyed.

Ketoprofen is quoted as saying the operation was a ‘Shining Success’ and ‘An appropriate correction for their insolence.’

While details on this particular operation by the Red liberty Alliance a number of allies, who remain unknown, helped in this act of destruction. It is claimed by members who took part in this act ‘that manipulation taken to the extreme, coupled with an exploitation of their naivety’ Were the main reasons for the Invaders downfall.

Shadowlord soon accused members of the RLA of hacking into his MSN account to gain information, but was once more laughed at as the Red Factions, Minister of military affairs of RLA, all ‘[had been done] within the boundaries set forth by international law.’

The Invaders command concil has also labelled the RLA as a criminal organisation following the alleged hacking but the RLA have stated that they do have information to prove that accusations of hacking are nothing more than ‘Fabricated Invader lies’

Following the destruction calls have been made the director of Intelligence there shall take full responsibility and resign from his position after giving untrusted nations who turned out to be spies Admin controls for the board.

As the RLA show once again they will carry out this kind of act, which has been condemned by many defenders, anger and questions have once more come up.

Dalioranium Of TPC itself has asked, ‘when do we draw the line between defending and attacking? That sure wasn’t defence of anything. That was a blatant invasion’

To which the Red Factions replied, ‘We didn't attack the region - we destroyed their forums. Invaders attacked the RLA, we responded and smashed them to smithereens, as we have done several times in the past. We do not make empty threats.’

The condemnation has not stayed with the TPC however with members of the CDA, Centeral Defence Army joining in.

Glenon was first to respond, ‘Don't you think this was a bit... overboard?They took a region of yours so you destroyed their forum? That's nowhere near equivalent exchange'

Which was backed up first by Northern Chittowa, ‘i really dont agree with destroying any regions forums at all. i think its a very underhand thing to do’

And then Red Hot Chili Lepers and Gasponia…

‘I must completely agree with Glenon and Northern Chittowa.How many boards have been destroyed by invaders in the past? I've been around a long time and I can't think of one example off of the top of my head.Destroying forums is a seriously underhand thing to do, as NC has said. You have taken away something that has been built up over more than a year and you have taken away not only the forum of people who enjoy this game, but their memories and their friendships.I see no reason for this atrocity, as with the deletion of The Black Hawks' forum during the summer.’

‘Seems like a bit of an extreme reaction considering as the justification given for this attack is that an RLA region was taken over...’

it is unclear how other invaders have reacted yet but what is clear is that once more the RLA has destroyed a part of this game further helping it on the road to ultimate destruction.


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