Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Political Suicide committed by the RLA

As news of the destruction of the ‘Invaders’ regional forums began to spread throughout Nationstates, so did the condemnation of the Red Liberty Alliance’s actions.

With the voice of the Proletariat being quoted as saying the invader forums were ‘that the ‘boards had been taken over by defenders from the Red Liberty Alliance’ it was widely believed that this was yet another attack by the RLAI on another invader groups forums, just as they did back in the summer of 2005 with the destruction of the Black hawks regional forums. However within hours of the news being printed it was announced by Xha'dam, General Secretary of the RLA, Executive Committee Member, Deputy Commander of the RLAF, that this operation was an RLAI approved operation, but was instead carried out by rouge members of the organisation,

‘The Executive Council and Command Staff of the Red Liberty Alliance hereby condemn the actions taken in regards to the destruction of the Invaders Boards. We consider these actions to be the work of individuals and not reflective of the RLA as a whole. The Executive Committee and Command Staff of the RLA had no prior knowledge that agents of the RLAI would be carrying out this attack; nor did they possess any knowledge as to the details surrounding the attack until after it was over.’

He went on to say an investigation would take place to find out how such a thing happened,

‘The EC and Command Staff also commit to conduct a complete and thorough investigation of the attack, the results of which will be made public. As part of the investigative process, we recommend an outside observer will take part in the investigation. Lanier, of the West Pacific, has agreed to act as this observer. He would examine the same evidence as the investigators and issue his own impartial report on the facts. At the conclusion of this investigation, the investigative panel will issue a recommendation on how to act on the findings which will then be submitted to the Central Soviet for consideration.In the mean time, we urge everyone to be calm and wait for the facts to come about before issuing any judgements of their own.’

In the background of all of this it was soon announced that The Red fractions, the man believed to be behind these actions, was retiring from Nationstates. In a speech he made on the Red liberty Alliance forums he announced the end to the ‘invader threat’ but also reconised his part in this terrible incident in which a regions history and community has gone for good.

‘Good evening comrades.This will be my last appearance in The Central Soviet of the Red Liberty Alliance and The People’s Assembly of The Proletariat Coalition, where so many decisions have been made that shaped the history of NationStates and my region. I remember with fondness the time I’ve spent here, helping out the best I’ve could and serving with passion and dedication. In all the decisions I have made and actions I’ve directed, I have always tried to do what was best for The Proletariat Coalition and the Red Liberty Alliance and served with zeal and dedication. This has always been true. As I go into retirement, I would like to recommend Comrade Louis IX as my successor in leading the committee of military affairs of The Proletariat Coalition.In the past few days, however, it has become evident to me that I can longer justify continuing my membership in the Red Liberty Alliance or The Proletariat Coalition. The interest of both must always come before any personal ambitions and considerations. Therefore, effective immediately, I tender my resignation from The Central Soviet of the Red Liberty Alliance, mindful of the burden and stain that I have become as opposed to the asset I would once have considered myself. As I recall the high ambitions and goals for Red Liberty Alliance with which we began this great initiative in march 2004, I feel a great sadness knowing that my time has finally come to an end. I regret deeply all injuries I've caused. I shall leave The Central Soviet, my friends, my allies with my deepest regret but with gratitude for the privilege of having served the greatest region and organization I have ever had the honour to be a member off. These years of service have been a momentous time in the history of nationstates and in the shaping of my personal political beliefs and visions. They have been a time of achievement in which we can all be proud, achievements that represent the shared efforts of The Red Liberty Alliance and the socialists of nationstates. I can for certain say that all opposition has been eliminated and that the invader threat is no more – already the Field Marshal of DEN has posted his resignation speech as a direct consequence of the attacks carried out against the Invaders forums. Together with the other defenders who have participated in this attack – the definitive coup de grace was dealt to the invader threat. As of now, there are only 5 people ( including a member of Invaders ) in nationstates who know the full details of this operation and I have full confidence in that all RL actions against me or them will end in failure – in the sure knowledge that we acted within the boundaries of international law and the terms of services of Invisionfree. The invader threat shall no longer hang over nationstates.Today, on this incredibly important day for me, I want to ask the comrades of The Central Soviet for forgiveness because of my actions and involvement in this operation. Today, I have become a burden and have overstepped my boundaries as well as authority and caused unfair pain upon the RLA that it does not deserve. To be true to the spirit in which I have served this organization, there can be no outcome but my resignation from all positions. The Red Liberty Alliance and The Proletariat Coalition are in safe hands today and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future – that I’m sure off. To have served the Red Liberty Alliance has been a genuine honor, pleasure and privilege. In leaving it, I hope that the comrades I’ve made within these will find it in their heart to forgive me for contributing to bringing upon the RLA this misfortune.May our path cross in the realms of Real Life.Long live The Proletariat Coalition!Long live The Red Liberty Alliance!The Red Factions’

Not all people are sorry to see him go however with Blackbird, in an exclusive interview for the Pacific News Network (PNN) stated, ‘that he would be the last one to welcome him back home. This is one event in a long line of insubordination’. It the interview with the PNN, Blackbird went on to tell his tale of events that led up to this PR Blunder. He stated the Red Factions told him that an invader admin defected and was going to torch the forum, and TRF needed permission to harvest the IPs. Blackbird agreed, since he could not keep a rogue admin from destroying the place. However, when it became apparent that it was RLA agents who were pulling the strings, he immediately called for the operation to stop, but the operation continued. (Source PNN)

Boston creamer of the Black Hawks disagrees with this howver, stating his own views on the takings,

‘The RLA is trying to save face by blaming TRF for everything. We know it's not all him. They are trying to escape everyone seeing them for who they really are and he's moving his nations to the RR now. No action can be taken without Blackbird's approval. Look at what they did to us in DEN and how they bragged so much. They tried to brag again but no one liked it so instead of getting promoted as he has in the past TRF has been forced out so they have one person to blame to save themselves from going down in flames! Don't let them fool the world! The RLA griefed you like they did us before you!’

In the background, battles began to start between supports of this action and those morally opposed to it. From all corners of the Defender and invader world came views of anger, disappointment and disgust, with some of the harshest critics coming from inside the TPC and the RLA Itself.

Hrmm being one of the more vocal ones has stated he is ‘not criticizing them as a member of the PA, but as a NS player. Invaders and defenders alike have been in uproar about this and not because of alliances or in game treaties. Individuals are doing this on their own. One such example is of RLA members voicing displeasure in their own organization's actions. Allies of the RLA are doing the same, as well as other defenders, and obviously, Invaders.’

The size of the Political Blunder that the RLA have made has been pointed out numourous times with the likes of Voltaires Vanguard stating that ‘The RLA are a ruthless band of self proclaimed socialist messiahs, to whom every evil is justified in their quest for power and the maintenance of their position. They are quasi-religious in their dogmatism, zeal and hypocrisy: evangecial preachers, appointed by no-one and answerable to no-one, apart from their own brand of psuedo Trotskyist claptrap. Any opposition to their ideas (no matter how moderate) is treated as an insane heresy, to be burnt out of NationStates by the fire of their ever-probing Inquistion.’

On the RLA boards Bamada says, ‘I think it's because as defenders we feel we have a moral highground. After all, we're protecting the regions that are being attacked. As such, we need to maintain that moral highground. When you delete part of the boards, you destroy a community. While this may not be a community we like, it's a community all the same. We lose our moral highground as now we are moving from simply defending, to attacking as well.’

Which was soon backed up by Canteria, ‘this action was uncalled for. Bamada was right- just because we think we have a moral highground does not mean we can call it an excuse for this. A select few in the RLA pulled off a secret sabotage mission without approval of our executive council. The implications of this are staggering. We cannot allow this to happen again. We cannot lower ourselves to be worse than the invaders.’

The outrage spreads to other regions and orgs as well with one of the founding members of the CDA, Grenval spoke out.

‘I am against destroying invader forums. If an invader destroyed The Grenvali United Forum, I would want to rip his f---ing head off. I don't want invaders to be able to justify destroying defender forums because of the actions of a few. There are some things that just aren't right. This is one of them. Red Factions crossed the line.’ which was echoed by many.

These debates a certain to continue as the pros and cons are weighed up to see who is right and who is wrong. One thing that is certain about is that the fallout and implications are certain to leave a mark on the Red Liberty Alliance, as well as the Defender community as a whole.


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