Sunday, October 02, 2005

FAC Election Draws to a Close

The recent election for the third seat of the Foreign Affairs Committee ended this week with Davidu being announced as the winner.

After a week of furious debates and questions from natives of Abyss both runners, Far Hills and Davidu, stood fast and answered every question that was thrown their way. Questions ranged from current Diplomatic affairs with those who we currently have diplomatic ties with to questions about how each of the candidates would deal with slackers in the Foreign Affairs department.

One of the more interesting topics which were raised during the campaign was how they planned on turning the ARR, the department of recruiting for Abyss, from a failure to a success. Since the ARR had been formed it has had limited success and has struggled in getting in dedicated recruiters who are willing to spend their spare time trying to get in new members. Of course the ARR has not been as successful as anyone would like mainly because it was set up during the summer lull, yet with this now during to a close it is imperative that the ARR gets up and running again.

When asked how recruiting would be improved, Davidu answered in a strong manner, “Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of any region, and is not to be taken lightly. In the past, Abyss has attempted to use a fairly large amount of nations(5-7) to recruit, allowing them to recruit at their leisure, and on the side of other jobs in the region. This was ineefective, and i think that having a small number, possibly 2-3, of recruiters, who only recruit and do it very often, will get far more done. I wont let any of the appointed recruiters slack off, and will work to make sure that the recruiting it self is all top notch, with interesting and captivating recruitment letters that get on a personal level.”

Far Hills took a more lenient approach to this question, “Recruiting is a major issue with any region, and must remain a main priority. We can always ask everyone in Abyss to do some recruiting if they have time, but recruiting is strictly voluntary because you really can't force anyone to do anything in NS, unless we want make Abyss a region where you can't join unless you do recruiting, etc. Which is a path, by the way, I hope we never take because that just ruins the fun and attraction of Abyss. To overcome this obstacle, we need to find willing people who enjoy recruiting, like Mouse 3000. I have to admit, though, that I'm pretty bad at recruiting, so I would probably ask him to come up with some ideas. Maybe, though, we could have army help out in this, such as when there are no campaigns going on, they could spend some time recruiting.”

After the announcement had been made and Davidu had been confirmed as the winner, Far Hills, not being one to hold sour grapes, Congratulated Davidu as soon as he knew he had lost.

With the appointment the FAC shall be soon getting back on track with all of its duties and soon shall be at the forefront of Foreign Affairs once more.


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