Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Depression of 2005

As another of the eldest members of Abyss ceased to exist this week, it has been confirmed that Abyss is in a state of depression, unlike any other seen before it. With forum activity on the decrease as well Questions have started to be raised as to how Abyss can lift itself out of the current sad state of affairs.

With sections of Abyss starting to point fingers, one of the main reasons where blame has fallen is the recent summer lull. At the start of the summer lull Abyss had a stable number of nations within the region of around 160 members. Now as we are approaching the end of this years lull we enter the winter months standing at 129 nations. With a decrease of over 30 nations, the drop in numbers is also beginning to effect departments within Abyss.

During the summer months, with the loss of many once active nations many departments inside Abyss have suffered greatly with the FAC and the ARAF suffering more than others.

During the summer months the FAC has had two elections to replace those who have died, including an election to replace the former head of the FAC Monadnock who ceased to be over a month ago, in the middle of the summer lull. This week has seen StCecilia, one of the eldest nations of abyss and member of the FAC also die, resulting in a total change of members on the FAC.

With the resignation of Crenshar, the first general of the ARAF at the start of the summer months due to personal reasons, the ARAF has had a major decline of activity. Once regarded as the most active place on the forums, the ARAF has become very quite with discussions only taking place there every once in a while. This decline of activity is also directly due to the summer lull with many members dieing off, leaving the ARAF quite stretched, crippling our ability to help defend regions which need it.

With the decline in members, the total forum and RMB activity has also slowed down compared to how it was during April. During the moth of April, a total of 3622 posts were made on the regional offsite forum. Compare this to the total in September, 3261, you will see a decrease of 361 posts, one of the lowest monthly post counts since the forum was created.
Also, following the retirement and death of some of Abyss’s more politically charged members, debate has slowed down tenfold on all issues including the ones which normally attract a great deal of attention such as Abortion, religion and terrorism. These debates normally help all forums become active and with this being missed a lack of conversation has occurred.

To combat this decline in activity drastic changes are being made to the foundations of Abyss itself. The AFN can reveal that Auel Neider has announced the decision to abolish the Directorate system of government in favour of a smaller more open and democratic system, which will allow all members of the region to have their say on all matters concerning the region including anything from Foreign affairs to Military action

“Having noticed the declining number of active nations in our region, we have decided to abolish the directorate at least untill we are big enough to support a government of that size again.Here is the new idea:-One institution (The Abyssian Assembly) where all members who meet the requirements vote on issues and where issues are passed by a majority. Secretaries/Ministers are elected from the Assembly and they are the ones who bring issues to the assembly. Everyone has the right to bring ideas to the Assembly, but only after the minister in question has approved it. This is the foundations of the new government. And we are going to start with it right now, meaning that you are free to provide your ideas, comments and thoughts about this.About the Secretaries:For now the committee heads will hold the secretary positions. Meaning Panoptik on internal affairs, Max Dep on foreign affairs and myself on defence/Intel. I plan to have elections for all these 3 positions and any possible 4th or 5th position as soon as we have grown a little.”

It has yet to be seen how this new form of government will affect the way Abyss is run, and if it will attract new members, yet it is hoped that with the new power the citizens of Abyss have, new members will be encouraged to join in and have their say. AFN shall keep you updated with any new developments that come forward as this new era of Abyss history takes hold.


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