Friday, October 14, 2005

Changes take hold as 4 members leave

As the scheduled changes begin to take effect in Abyss, four of its eldest members announced their decision to leave Abyss, and change their stance on the War that is currently taking place within Nationstates, from Defender to Invader.

With the abolishment of the Directorate, the respective forums were soon taken down and there documents being taken to the secure forum until such a time where they are deemed unclassified.

Those which went were, the Defence Committee – more commonly know throughout the ARAF as the Defcom -, the Foreign Affairs Committee – once regarded as the most active of all the committees - , the Internal Affairs committee – where such ideas as the court and the newspaper were first born -, as well as the Directorate meeting room, the place where all ideas were eventually fine tuned.

As the government takes hold more details on the running of the new assembly become clear as to how it will operate. 3 members will be the representatives of the now abolished directorate system with the former heads of the branches taking over the senior minister role of their respective areas, Auel Neider as Senior Defence Minister, Nova Panoptik as Senior Internal Minister and Maximum Depreciation as Senior Foreign Minister. While any citizen of Abyss may bring forward issues for the whole assembly to vote on, the Senior Ministers must first approve of the idea, before it can be put to a vote of the region.

Questions have been raised however as to the fact that this could bring more power to the current Senior Ministers. These questions were soon rebuffed by Auel who was quick to allay these fears, “No power will not be more centralised and I will tell you why. Issues will have to be voted on by the Assembly. Every secretary will be elected [and] we wont have ad hoc elections any longer, every secretary will be given a term and will have to be re-elected, or not of course after that term.”

Auel went on to say what other benefits this new form would bring as well as other ideas he would like to be brought in, after a certain amount of time, “This government also includes everyone, however it is much clearer. Thanks to the new citizen concept voting can be done with polls, in stead of PM's, without the risk of people voting twice with different accounts. I am also hoping that this new system will be more attractive to new nations. Three elected positions is too few and hoped someone had an idea for an 4th and a 5th (but no more) Or we could make 2 or so appointed positions. For instance an under-secretary of recruiting who is appointed by the secretary of internal affairs and handles recruiting and advises the secretary on all other things. The person running for secretary of internal affairs would announce who he will appoint as under-secretary during the election.”

Right on the heels of this announcement, another blow to Abyss to further add to the depression that has engulfed it so far. On October 11th 2005 four respected members of Abyss decided it was time to leave the region which they had called home for so long, one member since February.

Quag, Davidu, Leven Terrance and Kab, all members of the Intel division who have decided that defending is no longer for them, and that invading is the way to go, “You may have noticed a few changes in Abyss, like the abolishment of puppets…. Well it could have to do with me. Davidu, LT, Kab, and I are leaving Abyss to start a new region, that will be an invader region. We will Invade hate regions in dead regions, only. We have not sold out Abyss in any way. In fact I have an Idea of what Auel has in store, and it should be fun if you stick around. I will not advertise my region here, and you probably wont know about it for a month or so, but we do plan on working with abyss. Its been a fun ride but its time to switch to the invader side.”

There leaving meet with a confused response from Abyss with Mellancholl saying what everyone had thought, “this is unexpected. you think you know people, and then they go and start morally-righteous invader regions!!no matter how surprising your news, it doesn't lessen the fact that Abyss will be losing some of its best citizens. quag was actually the first person i ever sent a pm too (and the first person i annoyed in the NS world, judging by the response). LT has to be one of the persons I’ve most enjoyed conversation with in this region; the IAC and court won't be the same without him. but don't let my sappiness or surprise ruin your leaving. in the end, i just want to repeat everything that far hills wrote, and thank you for the fun times.”

With the loss of an extra four active members it is hoped that Abyss shall soon find its feet once more and get back to what it does best, Defending the defenceless.


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