Monday, September 19, 2005

FAC runners announced!

Following the deletion of Monadnock last week, new elections for the FAC were announced by the directorate to fill the empty seat that is now left.

Two people decided to run for the position with well known and respected members of Abyss as well as the ARAF, Davidu and Far Hills both put their names down and entered the race. With both candidates being well respected members it is anticipated that this election will be one of the closest in Abyss history.

Davidu has been in Abyss since the back end of February this year, just a month since its founding and is one of the oldest members still alive today. Davidu was also one of the first members of the ARAF and since then has gone on many campaigns most of which have been successful.

Davidu was brought to Abyss by the nation who he plans to replace on the FAC, Monadnock, who sent him a strong and well written recruitment TG shortly after starting in the game. As Abyss was still a very young region when he arrived, Davidu had a very important part to play in the way Abyss grew.

When asked what was his reasons for running for a seat on the FAC, Davidu responded with β€œOne of my primary reasons for being so interested in becoming a member of the FAC is the regions weak recruiting. Arduous recruitment from multiple, and commited, nations is required for our region to truly grow, and i plan on making that happen.”

Far Hills joined Abyss in the last few days of April and since that time has grown to be an important member of the region. He like many joined the ARAF after he joined and has since rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel. During his time here he has helped in many ways through doing recruiting to making the Intel avatars among other things. He is also currently an ambassador to one of the regions Abyss has Diplomatic Relations with. He joined Abyss again after Monadnock sent him a well written recruitment letter, explaining to him the happenings and goings on in Abyss.

Asked about his reasoning for running for a seat on the FAC, Far Hills stated, β€œ Well, up until this point, one could say I have been involved in "external" jobs of Abyss, nothing too terribly important, things that the region could have survived without being done. But now I'm looking to help out in the fabric of Abyss, in the directorate, which is what makes Abyss run.”

The campaigning shall last for one week, during which time all members of the region are asked to question them on different things and really put them to the test. AFN shall continue to follow this exciting election which is sure to go all the way to the wire.


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