Monday, August 08, 2005

Sister Paper Started!

Hey this is your editor here, Maximum Depreciation giving you some important news.

Today is the start of the new sister paper of the AFN called ARAF War Stories. This sister paper is also written by me, but shall focus on all the operations that the ARAF have been a part of.

the style it is written in is kind of RP, but based on a situation which has happened. Such as the latest operation in Warzone Airspace. i have based the first issue on this operation, with all the characters being the ones who took part in it.

you can read them if you want but if you dont it shall not matter as i am going to continue anyway because i enjoy writting them!

the idea i got off another forum somewhere on NS but i cannot remember where. anyway if it was your forum i got it off inform me and i shall credit you with everything i do :D

the link to the new site is here:


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