Wednesday, August 03, 2005

PRP Applies for membership to the ADN

PRP Applies for membership to the ADN

Today it has been revealed that the PRP AKA the Peoples Republic of the Pacific have applied to become the latest members of the Defender group Alliance Defence Network, better known as the ADN.

At first this was regarded as a joke by the new delegate Mammothistan, who recently seized the delegacy of the Pacific. This has proved not to be the case however as his application is now going through the correct procedure. This has left members of both the ADN and the PRP very confused as to what Mammothistan is planning.

Reports from the committee of citizen Information has indicated most members of The Pacific senators have approved the membership application, to the surprise of Governors and other low ranking members. Most of the arguments for membership to the ADN from members of the Pacific stem from joining the Alliance Defence Network would ‘protect the delegacy, secure the regime's legitimacy and put an end to the demands for reforms deemed as "unrealistic" made by various influential regions thanks to ADN supervision.’

Some member regions are not at all happy with this proposal though. The Red Factions, member of The Proletariat Coalition, has gone on record as saying that PRP membership to the ADN should not be approved. This was backed by several members of Equilism, who have agreed to try and convince the Governing Body of the A D N to vote the application down as if the PRP were grated membership it would spell the end of any hopes of reform in the Pacific.

With very few days left for the Alliance Defence Network to vote them in, it remains to be seen if they shall welcome in a region who has in the past been a staunch foe of them and what they stand for.


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