Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nationstates Server crash 2: Crash Harder.

On 26th August 2005, the second major server crash of the year happened, resulting in chaos reigning supreme throughout Nationstates. At around 3:00 yesterday afternoon GMT, players of the game found they could no longer log onto their nations, finding that they had been deleted without notice. Many Players had wondered what they had done wrong and why they had been deleted, with some even sending some strong worded Emails to the mods.

It soon became apparent however that it was not the Mods doing this but the sever. People started to notice that the feeders, (North south east and west Pacific’s) were no longer there, along with many player created regions just disappearing.

With reports of logging into your nation causes them to delete, many players stopped in their tracks and decided that the safest option would be to stay away from the game just in case they have done permanent damage to their nations.

After a short while the Admins of the game, closed the site altogether putting up this message to anyone who tried to enter.

“Earlier today (26 August 2005) our server experienced some data corruption, and the game is offline while we fix this. The fix will probably require restoring from a backup. We do not have an estimate for how long this will take nor when the backups will be from. I promise a status update by 7pm PST. (Unfortunately, I can't take the day off from work to fix this.)Restoring from backup means, unfortunately, that all nations and regions will lose any changes made in the last 20 hours.Any status updates will be posted to this page. Thank you for your patience.”

Following the fast work by the Admins the game was up and running within hours of this statement be given with only a few hours lost. To allay any fears that had arisen SalusaSecondus released a further statement,

“Yes, folks, it happened again. We filled up our hard disk. Apparently our fixes from the first time around didn't quite work. So, what's the situation? We ran out of space and the game tried (valiantly) to go on by making more space, by wiping out your accounts. Clearly it had its priorities messed up. Fortunately, a backup completed shortly before the game crashed. (Personally, I suspect that the backup caused the game to crash.) This means that I think that we lost just a few hours of data. I don't know how much yet. I'll get around to figuring that out after the game is fixed.
Our current status is "inconsistent". This means that the game is a tad confused about what's going on. So, until this is fixed, I've disabled new accounts. If you created an account between the last backup and the crash, your account is gone. Sorry. There are other problems that we'll be dealing with over the next week, but the game should be back to normal for most of you within a day.
Oh, yeah. I'm writing new code to keep this from ever happening again.”


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