Saturday, August 13, 2005

Great Britain = Great Britain?

Over the last few days horror and sheer issues brought before the Federal Commonwealth Society, The regional founder (Great Britain referred to as GB) had indeed returned to the FCS and brought puppet nations with him. About 5 days ago due to intelligence from multiple sources among them the FCS protectorates, FCS minister of defence waterna and many classified intelligence sources, The Nation Known as GB was kicked out of the FCS and deemed a "rouge Nation" or a nation not being who he claims to be.

Even after the supposed GB re accessed his old GB account on NationStates doubt still remained at the highest levels. The Cabinet Convened among those in the cabinet were Prime Minister Posul, The Planet Federation, Waterna, WWA, and many others.

The vote came back that although it was not 100% sure that this nation GB was who he claimed to be several possibilities came up that it might be RL GB friend or relative. We decided to let him back into the FCS and give him the Home Office cabinet position.

When Posul asked him today if he would accept the job he refused and decided to make his own region called "A Federal Commonwealth Society" Saying the day posul lost his delegacy would be the day he returned. The Planet Federation Had this to say:
"Its indeed a sad day in FCS history although myself as well as others have tried to see this through honestly the immaturity of GB and Posul in this matter and the impatience of both nations there was nothing us Parliament Members could do."

The conflict again broke out in the FCS message boards when Posul announced the new cabinet positions a puppet of GB had this to say
"This is Great Britain---, with my last puppet in the FCS. I have decided after a long time of reflection to leave this region permanently, i have fond memories of my time here and i will never forget the hard work that so many people put in. I would like to express my gratitude to WWA, who has been in the FCS with me since there was only 20 nations. I would also like to thank everyone who has given me their support during the last 5 days but unfortunately it wasn't enough, a single person in this region cannot see reason, or just doesn't want to... Yes Posul that's you, you are the most disloyal friend in NS i have ever known, i will not miss you one bit because when the time came power rather than friendship ruled your head. I am determined though to rebuild the FCS and return it to its Democratic and successful roots, the region is called 'A Federal Commonwealth Society' and anyone who wishes to join me there is very welcome too. "

Moments later Posul responded with this "Well I think that has proved my point, obviously this nation was not committed to the FCS, as I will state now that I offered a return to the FCS and also a Cabinet post. We must now move on, and get on with continuing this great region and its democratic system of government. As par the Vote of Confidence the government will continue on. However the new Cabinet is:- Posul - PM and Foreign Sec. TPF - DPM Home Sec - Waterana (when returning) Defence - PubicPubLover Lord Chancellor - Federated Red States Leader of the House of Commons - WWA Minister for the UN - Bethy Al Minister for Empire - North Jamesburgh I would like to thank the Cabinet, and you the citizens of the FCS for all the effort that you have shown when coming to the region, and I think that it is fair to say that overall this region is one which is going to go far, in preceding to bring together more British and Commonwealth regions, and spread the good values that we have always done in the past. Such as tolerance, respect and gentlemanly conduct. I thank WWA, TPF and Waterana especially for their help in this constitutional crisis, and I hope that in four months time they are still here, to help guide and conduct the region properly. I wish the nation of GB--- (whoever he is) the best with his region, and hope that understands that in the end it is security that must prevail over personal feelings, and I believe that the Government has been proved right, but his departure because he did not get full and complete power at the expense of the freedom that so many in the FCS have enjoyed. He is however more then welcome to return. Thank you all once again for your support and help. Remember:- Unity is Strength"

Source:The Planet Federation, FCS


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