Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Head of the ARR

New Head of the ARR

Following Maximum Depreciations election to the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) of the directorate it has been revealed that he shall step down as head of the ARR. This decision was made after it became apparent that the ARR shall fall under the watchful eye of the FAC, where Maximum Depreciation shall now be serving.

The now former head of the ARR released this statement yesterday about his decision.

“It (the ARR) has had it successes and has recruited a few nations which you see here today. Overall though, it has been a failure. When the ARR was set up, we were at around 160 nations. As you can see we have dropped to 139/140 nations today. This as you all know is unacceptable. Following my recent election to the Foreign Affairs Committee, I have decided to step down as Head of the ARR. By being the newest member on the FAC, I shall be charged with looking over the ARR anyway along with other forums, so for it to succeed a new nation shall be chosen to head up the recruiting department.”

The nation that has been given the responsibility to change around the fortunes of the ARR is Mouse 3000. Mouse 3000 is relatively a new nation to Abyss but has already made his mark on the region by volunteering to become a news writer for the Abyss Freedom Network as well as being an ambassador.

Mouse had this to say about his new position.

“ I am honoured to be given this responsibility…. It (The ARR) Sounds like a challenging job but i am always up for a challenge!”

Mouse 3000 has immediately taken charge of the ARR and is ready to implement some brand new ideas that should see Abyss growing in nations as well as stature in the coming months.


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