Thursday, July 28, 2005

First General of ARAF Retires

The First General of ARAF Retires.

“This is indeed a very sad day for Abyss” said Maximum Depreciation as news of Crenshars retirement began to filter through. After months of dedication serving Abyss it was announced yesterday at 10:29 PM GMT, that Field Marshall Crenshar, first General of ARAF is retiring from the Armed forces altogether.

In a statement released to the members of Abyss Crenshar had this to say.

“Ladies and Gents....and Quag....of Abyss,
It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my retirement from the Directorate and of the Military. My time in Abyss is not over, as I plan on retiring to the old folks home near Governmental Isle. But my time and capacity to serve Abyss is. I no longer have the time to devote to such a wonderful community such as yourselves and I am very sad to resign my post. The ARAF is my pride and mismanaged as it can be, and as bickering as you guys can get, i still loves ya JK.... I will miss you terribly though and I will miss my active role in the Directorate. My NS nation will continue and if you need me IM, leave me a PM or just email me. I will try to remain as active as I can in the forum but that time will be severely lessened from what it used to be. I guess that means no more 80 posts in a day Anyways, thanks again for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful team. I wish all of you the best. Till we meet again....bye…”

This signals the end of an era for Abyss and the ARAF, as another of the ‘Old Guard’ now calls time on a glorious career. During his time as General of the ARAF, Crenshar built up the army from nothing, initiated the Medals all members of the ARAF wear with pride and formed the structure of which Abyss members operate. He lead the troops of Abyss through 6 campaigns the majority of which were successful.

Soon after the announcement was made tributes started pouring in from all nations in Abyss

Maximum Depreciation, Commander of the Blackwatch Regiment under General Crenshars command has this to say about the impending retirement of one of the Greatest members of Abyss.

“You have done great things for this region as a whole. you set up the army and have done a great job in getting it into a working were one of the first nations i got to know when i joined this game. you made me want to do what i am doing now, and you helped me with whatever i needed help with. it was an honour to know and serve under you. you will be sadly missed Cren.”

The head of Internal Affairs, Nova Panoptik had this to say about one of his greatest friends in Nationstates.

"It was your organisational and leadership skills that have got the ARAF to where it is today. You came here in the early days of Abyss, and in the time you've been here we've grown beyond most expectations, and i think that its due to the attitude and dedication of Abyss' main members - one of which has certainly been you.”

The Head Judge of the High Court of Abyss also had similar praise a man who is respected by all members of Abyss

“You will be sorely missed by very many members of this forum, me included, although if you pop in for a visit every so often that would be most welcome You'll be missed mate“.

The Head of Intel Quagmire_Rocks also had this to say about a man who he looks up to.

“I remember the day I took Oei spot in Intel, and it was you that supported me for the job. When you leave I don’t want you to be sad, I want you to look back on the AFRA and be proud ( though it should of been called ASS). You grew the army from four members and now we have enough, to attempt to put invaders in there place. .Thanks, for the good times mate (and all the good arguments)”

Even those who didn’t know him as well as other members of Abyss had kind words to say about Crenshar.

“Gonna mess ya cren....didn't really know you much, but I always enjoyed your forum posts” - Kablikistian

“I never got to know you but I understand you have done a lot for Abyss and i thank you for that.” - Mouse 3000

“sad to see you go cresh”- Calculators

All those from AFN Wish you the best of luck in everything you do Crenshar, we wish you well.


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