Saturday, July 23, 2005

FCS Founder Returns!!

FCS Founder Returns!!

Over the last few days it has been announced that the founder of the Federal Commonwealth Society, Great Britain has returned from the Dead!
Great Britain was deleted over a month back due to inactivity, leaving the FCS without a founder and in terrible trouble. Soon after he was deleted a rouge nation managed to take charge of the region and causing major damage which resulted in the region going into terrible decline.

The planet Federation, Deputy Prime Minister to the FCS said this earlier this week;
“ This is a great moment in our region hopefully GB can return as PM and our region can get back up to 180 nations as it was when GB left us"

This is a great time in the Federal Commonwealth Society. After the previous months events fear and uncertainty has struck our Region and our allies. Great--Britain returning really is a blessing. Although The PM has told the Cabinet there will be another reshuffle in the high ranks trying to fit in the Founder in already in the early stages of his return Prime Minister Posul has made him Deputy Prime Minister as The former Deputy (The Planet Federation) Steps down and returns to recruitment minister

Although Prime Minister Posul was much to busy communicating with the cabinet and the members of the FCS the general consensus is that he is glad that GB has returned and will be picking up where he left off. There is very little doubt he will give his PM spot to GB when the founder returns full time.

Reports have shown that GB lost his Connection and therefore was unable to get to the game. He had no way to tell his region of what had happened leaving them to think that he had just left them for good.

The whole population of the FCS are now in a period of extended celebrations which are sure to go on for a long time yet. This day is a time for thanks and celebration and shall surely go down in FCS history as a great ending to another wise sad chapter.


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