Sunday, July 24, 2005

FAC Winner Announced!

For the few that do not know Abyss has recently had an election for a space in the F.A.C (Foreign Affairs Committee). Two nations rose up to fight for the place. These nations were: news editor, army commander and head recruiter Maximum Depreciation, and A.S.S commandant and the head of diplomatic core Quagmire_rocks.

Both Maximum Depreciation and Quagmire_rocks both had good campaigns to help them win their fight. Both mentioned The A.R.R and how they would improve it so more nations would come into Abyss and that they’d try and spread Abyss’ name around nationstates and make our region well known.

Maximum Depreciation and Quagmire_rocks both opened up question topics in their campaign rooms and were bombarded by questions by fellow Abyssians. One nation that caused both candidates a lot of bother with her questioning was Head of the F.A.C and Delegate, Monadnock. Both candidates answered the questions well showing that both knew what they were doing and were confident about winning.

But before the voting could begin, Quagmire_rocks nearly won on default. Maximum Depreciation suddenly had second thoughts and pulled put of the election. He said this was because he realised that he did do too many jobs in Abyss (which people pointed out to him during questioning) and he realised that he wasn’t up for the job after a hard line of questioning from Monadnock about embassies. But thankfully from pleas of the fellow Abyssians he decided to keep going with the election and not just give the election away.

Then the election process started. Only UN nations that had joined Abyss before July 8th were allowed to vote. The voting process went on for three days until the winner was announced on Sunday 25th of June.Founder Auel Neider announced the result on the regional message board. And it turned out that even though he was going to pull out of the election Maximum Depreciation won the place in the F.A.C. Quagmire_rocks not being a bad loser was the first to congratulate Maximum Depreciation on his victory after the announcement.

Mouse 3000 certainly congratulates Maximum Depreciation on his victory and hopes that he was the right choice.

Brought to you by:

Mouse 3000, Reporter for Abyss Freedom Network.


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