Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Army Operation Reports.

The Headlines Today…

Bong! Land of NI Liberation.
Bong! Zion Defence

Land of NI Liberation

After weeks of peace the ARAF were called into action once more to try and help keep the peaceful region of The Land of Ni safe from invaders. After being tipped off by an unknown nation that the land of Ni was under attack by the forces of Den, our UN delegate, Monadnock ordered all members of the ARAF to move there immediately to try and keep the natives free from the oppressive stance of invaders.

This operation became a joint operation between ASE, RLA, CoL and ARAF. The members of all defender organisations mentioned fought right up to the update failing by one signal endorsement. This was a body blow to the Defenders but they would not give up the fight. They believe that all regions should be able to exists without the fear of invasion, so they started to plan operation Liberation which, like the name says, will be the liberation of the land of Ni. Plans were drew up and organisations were contacted and told what to do. It was Abyss’s own delegate who sent out letters of help to all defender organisations, trying to drum up the needed support for the liberation.

Enlisted nations from Red Liberty Alliance, City of London, North Pacific Defence Force, ASE, RLAF and others all answered the call to help, wanting the same thing as the ARAF wanted…Freedom for The Land of Ni.

The invaders were not going to give up easily though. Intelligence reports shown that four invader groups were in the region helping to keep the delegacy in the hands of the Den. Den, The Lone Wolves United, The Cathedral, and Invaders had all sent in invaders to sure up the delegacy and to keep the reign of oppression over the natives.
All in all this became the second biggest defence operation in the history of Nationstates with over 15 different organisations, invader and defender, taking part.
The first liberation failed with the invader delegate waking up ¼ hour before the update and ejecting all defender nations taking us back to square one. Again this set back didn’t dampen the sprits of the defenders who again showed their commitment to the cause by starting to plan for a second liberation.

Operation Liberation II went straight into planning with EuroSoviets of the RLA conducting this mission. His plan was a smart two wave attack. This plan would go into operation the first Sunday after the failed liberation. His plan would be to go in at the beginning of the update and then once more at the end of the update.

The plan was like so. The operation would consist of two waves. This is so that if the invaders eject the first wave, they will think they have won and shall log off leaving the region unguarded and open for the second liberation wave that shall enter and take the delegacy. The second wave would be a lot smaller and consist of the most experienced and most active members. The plan here would be to have a second nation applied to the UN but not joined. This was an advanced tactic that if successful could change the way defenders and invaders operate during times of conflict. The idea was to be able to move in again before the current update ended with a second UN nation straight away instead of waiting until the next update. This was a daring plan that could, if properly executed, be successful but unfortunately seeing that it was a new idea failed miserably as not many nations managed to apply for a second nation into the UN once more.

Before a third liberation was scheduled the Den left the land of Ni victorious after successfully defending it from defenders.

Zion Defence

Just after the Failed Liberation of the Land of Ni, the region of Zion came to Abyss and asked for help against invaders. Although being a large region with 75 members the founder had died some time ago, meaning that only the delegate had the control over the region. That can be very dangerous if someone with foul intentions got hold of the delegacy.

The ARAF obliged to help any region that asks for it went to Zion immediately and started to endorse the UN delegate there. With great quickness the ARAF had sent 2/3 of its members to help sure up the delegacy and to prevent another region from falling into the hands of invaders.
Unlike the land of Ni this operation was successful in every way as the invaders were beaten back at the update.

After the Update the ARAF nations stayed until the delegate came back on line and surveyed the damage that had been caused. He proclaimed he was forever indebted to Abyss and the ARAF for helping to secure his region from being taken over.


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