Saturday, June 11, 2005

Regional News 11th June

The Headlines Today

Bong! Fantasy arena open.
Bong! Security scare hit’s the ARAF
Bong! First regional War games take place
Bong! New craze strikes Abyss.

Fantasy arena open.

The new fantasy arena opened this week in the Role-playing dimension of Abyss. This was due to a certain new member called Achon Neuvrach Sieron who is an avid fantasy RP player and of course fan. He believed that there was an immense amount of fun and enjoyment to be had with this part of Role-playing. As soon as the new arena was official opened with a grand ceremony attended by Nova Panoptik, Achon Neuvrach Sieron went straight into explaining how this kind of Role-playing works. He also set up the tavern where all nations creatures and demonic beings can rest, talk about their history and past battles and just a general chit chat about things. So far one major battle has occurred between Neal (Kingdom of Ruescher’s character) and Sarcose (Achon Neuvrach Sieron’s character) which ended in a draw.

Security scare hit’s the ARAF

A security scare has hit the ARAF the last few weeks which has resulted in the lock down of the Generals council, the Headquarters and the barracks of the Army, resulting in chaos ensuing in the lower ranks. With only the Directorate knowing about the threat which has hit the Army no one quite knew what to expect.
General Crenshar of the ARAF gave this announcement on the 1st of June, revealing a small amount of detail,

“ Passwords to the Major Forums have been updated. I am withholding the passwords for the moment and will hand them out once The Council feels it is safe to.”

This lead to members commenting on a traitor within the ranks and that this matter could run quite deep within the command chain, although these stories have been denied by Panoptik, Head of Internal affairs.

Panoptik released this statement the next day to allay fears of a conspiracy,

“Don’t worry everyone this is all just to make sure that the region is secure. We are going to start changing the passwords monthly to keep up with people leaving Abyss, that way no one who isn’t supposed to know them will know them.”

This has gone some way to reassuring the members of Abyss that nothing untoward is taking place.

First regional War games take place

Rumours of an Inter-Regional War-game have been verified by General Crenshar. The war-game is scheduled to start Friday June 3. Abyss will be fighting against The Grenvali United in the region called "TGU-Abyss War games."
A mist of confusion has hung over this, the first inter regional war games, as the Grenvali United were spotted in the region before the start date by members of the ARAF. This forced the General to step up his plans to invade the region resulting in the troops moving in on that same day. Although this was short notice around 80-90% of the soldiers serving in the army attending. Members of the ARAF went in and immediately endorsed Commander Maximum Depreciation and resulted in them winning the delegacy easily. Grenvali United were angered at this as they believed they were going to act as the defensive force for these games and that the ARAF had moved in prematurely. Abyss agreed to starting again and once more took the delegacy easily with the nations now endorsing the general once more. These games and therefore the result were announced void after TGU had to pull out its forces to help defend an allied region from invasion.
It has yet to be seen if there shall be another regional war game although this one has been hailed as a moderate success for the organisation of the army.

New craze strikes Abyss.

A new craze has hit Abyss this week with a new game taking every one by storm. The game is called “Guess who will post next” and has left all members addicted to it.

One every day user, who wished to remain anonymous had this to say,

“its...its…. its just so addictive…I cant get enough of it all you have to do is guess who will post next. Such a simple game yet it is so fun. Who will post next who do you think?? When you get it right, oh it is just a great feeling…we even got four right in a row once…wow scary.”

Although experts say this is just a craze it is expected to stay with us for at least another few months yet.

Editors note:
Every one here at the Daily Telegraph would like to apologise for the lack of news over the last few weeks. The main reason for this is a strike over reporters pay and shall be dealt with soon. We again apologise for any incontinence this has caused.
Maximum Depreciation.


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