Thursday, June 16, 2005

Job Openings


AMBASSADORS- Ambassadors are greatly needed in Abyss. You will be serving in a family of nations who are willing to give up some of their time to help spread the good word of Abyss through out NationSates.

Requirements-Willing to work with people from other regions.
Fairly active on Nationstates
Positive attitude.
Willing to work in a team

Contact- Monadnock or Quagmire_Rocks

JUDGES- Fancy being more involved in the region? Want to help solve problems that occur? Well the job of Judge is for you!

Requirements-Willing to weigh up the evidence given before making a decision
Willing to be unbiased
Willing to work in a team
Positive attitude

Contact- LevenTerrace or Panoptik


ARAF- the ARAF is always looking for able bodied Nations fight on the front lines and to secure the safety of the region. You can also work in the Intel Dept. of the army if you favour the espionage side.

Requirements- Willing to move at short notice to another region when needed.
Willing to obey orders given by a superior officer
Positive attitude

Contact- General Crenshar

Also avaliable in the Army:

Intel- In the army, there is a great demand on intel troopers, i mean quags may be the best thing the abyss has but hes not superman. (Written by Quag himself)

Requirements- Can be trusted

Willing to work in a team

Positive attitude

Willing to give their best at all times

Contact- Quagmire_Rocks


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