Friday, May 27, 2005

Regional News 27th May

The Headlines today….

Bong! Latest in Abyss RP
Bong! The ARR gets up and running
Bong! Influx of embassy applications in Abyss
Bong! TNP Changes Delegate

Latest in Abyss RP

Ruescher’s new foreign policy.

A conference has been held this week on the idyllic planet of Venus, ’the diplomatic paradise’. The conference was called to discuss the points of The Kingdom of Ruescher’s new foreign policy. Delegates from every nation in Abyss, including new personnel droids sent by the Panoptik Government, were there to ask any questions they needed to and to help the Ruescher government fine tune there ideas to better suit the needs of all nations. Questions ranged from Arms selling to Ruescher’s alliance with the Bernarous. The Ruescher Government revelled that they shall be “gradually reducing their military alliance with them over time and focus more on trading and coperative research with them”.
These new policies have lead to Nations hoping that a new era of friendship between Ruescher and the rest of abyss is about to start after many years of distrust.

Uranium Station opened

With the new Panoptik Uranium station being opened in space, it has allowed the scientists of Panoptik more space to conduct research on ‘Planet formation’.
Bob Gates, head scientist of the research facility in the Sirius system, told us this,

“We've found that small ''gravitational sinks'' are the key to making dust and gases collect into a planet. We've begun using gravitational generators, located in the asteroid belt in the system, to collect rocks and dust into a new planet in the Sirius system, which until now has just had the one planet. It will be a large gas world, the size of Saturn, and we will try and create up to 10 moons. We believe we can use this technique to restore many bodies in solar systems, including Neptune and its moons, and to draw in the asteroids between Jupiter and Mars into a new planet. Of course we wouldn’t consider deploying this technology without consulting our Abyss neighbours, and we would need to move the inhabitants of the Asteroid Belt to somewhere else until the project is complete.”

The Ruescher Government has revealed that it shall use this technology, if given permission to by the Panoptik Government, to rebuild Neptune, which was destroyed in the recent Bernarous-Abyss war.

A new space conflict

Today the king of Ruescher announced that since the conference on Venus was over it was time to reveal the disturbances happening in deep space. A civil was has begun in the Bernarous Empire and their government has been calling on Ruescher to come to its aid. But today the king announced that the RSF, RMS (Ruescher Mobile Suits), RGF (Ruescher Ground Forces), and the RAF (Ruescher Air Force) will be mobilized to defend the Bernarous original and rightful government. The king said he will be looking into the reasons for the rebellion and hopes that the Abyss will not attempt to halt Ruescher's mission to defend the Bernarous. However the king does warn that the rebels may or may not attempt to cause havoc in our solar system to make it look bad for the Bernarous government so the king states that the Abyss should have its space fleets ready to fire on any Bernarous ship in the system.The king states that he was hoping to not be drawn into a war before it could reduce its military alliance with the Bernarous but the rebels did make the first strike therefore Ruescher is forced to fight, and the king refuses to let Ruescher get a bad name for backing out of this conflict.

In response to the threat upon the solar system that this civil war has brought, the Kingdom of Maximum Depreciation has sent his personnel fleet to the edge of the solar system with orders to fire on any unidentified ships that enter the system.


Since the beginning of our region, the recruiting has been done mainly by the head of the FAC and no real organisation has been made in sorting this out. But this week signalled the start of a new era for recruiting as the ARR has officially been founded. The Abyss Recruiting room is going to be headed by the new Chief of Recruiting, Maximum Depreciation. Having only been set up a few days ago the ARR already consists of 6 nations who are willing to help the region by becoming recruiters.
These nations are:
-Maximum Depreciation
-PopeCox VII

Hopefully, now the recruiting is more organised, the region should be seeing many new members coming in.

Embassies in Abyss

In the last few weeks the region has seen many regions coming here and setting up embassies. In the last few days we have seen at least 10 new embassies open up. This just goes to prove that the region is growing in stature and respect.
With these new embassies also comes new ambassadors which Abyss is in desperate need of. If you would like to become an Ambassador please contact Quagmire_rocks for details.

TNP Changes Delegate

In a unprecedented turn of events, Insane Power's Pixiedance, delegate of The North Pacific, withdrew from the United Nations. This action, taken in the early hours of Thursday morning , left The North Pacific vulnerable and without a delegate. Soon, groups from all around Nationstates descended upon the North to endorse who they felt was best fit to be the new UN delegate of TNP. The ADN, UoS, and others moved in to either endorse long time North Pacific patriot ‘Thel Dran’ or the relatively unknown ‘Lungwallabad‘.As time went on, the suspense continued to build. Perhaps the strangest part of the situation was the unusually long update. The update began at its normal time, but lasted several hours all the way past noon EST. Another strange turn of events once the region finished updating, Thel Dran lost approximately 20 endorsements, which paved the way for Lungwallabad to become delegate. However, IP seemingly rose from the dead to eject Lungwallabad. Soon after, though, Lungwallabad lifted the ban on himself and moved back in to finally take the delegacy. While the new delegate is very mysterious and seemingly rogue, he seems familiar with Nationstates policies. Soon after becoming delegate, he ejected former North Pacific Ministers ‘Cathyy’ and ‘Poltsamaa‘. At the same time, he has apparently decided to unban Stars of Sky, who currently leads the endorsement race with approximately 250 endorsements. Many associated with the ADN and NPC were very pleased with these actions.
Monte Ozarka of The West Pacific offered "our [the west pacific‘s] sincere congratulations in overcoming the Pixiedance Triumvirate."
However even some long time North Pacific Undergrounders were displeased with Lungwallabad's victory. Cisc0 and others chose to support Thel Dran, as he was commonly seen as a fair and just leader during his time as delegate.


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