Saturday, May 07, 2005

May 7th 2005

The Headlines Today...

Bong! Latest on Lazarus
Bong! The debate about Gold continues
Bong! Davidu legalizes crack
Bong! Artefact found in
Quagmire rocks
Bong! Alien Invasion
Latest on Lazarus

With Ruescher now joining forces with Lazarus there is a real possibility that this war on terror could escalate into a full blown civil war. Lazarus A.K.A Commandant Oei have organised a week long meeting to finalise details with there new alliance. In his last transmission Lazarus announced that he shall be commencing another attack upon Abyss and its nations shortly. We are sad to report that he has made good his threat and has blew up The Headquarters of the Intel Division of ARAF. It is believe that Ruescher helped Lazarus to move the bombs into the headquarters although these reports are unconfirmed. Initial reports show there are 120 people are dead along with 300 wounded. The Intel service to the army has been severely hampered by this attack. With the Intel service down Lazarus shall now be able to attack anywhere in Abyss without ARAF being able to do a thing about it.
With this war about to begin the last remains of the Intel service managed to capture an image of the fleet Lazarus has constructed. This fleet number around 100 ships and it is yet unknown how it managed to get through undetected.
With Lazarus finally making his moves and the meeting drawing to a close the king of Ruescher ended this chard. With Lazerus about the leave the kings elite military unit entered the room, killing Lazerus' guards and captured Lazarus. Along with this capture over 600 ICBM nuclear missiles were launched at Lazarus’s fleet orbiting the planet. The king of Ruescher also gave the order to attack all the troop positions that Lazarus revealed during the meetings. Their force totalled over 100,000 men, but many were either captured or killed. The king guaranteed the nations of abyss that they will be treated with the harshest conditions known to man.The king of Ruescher apologizes for the act it had to put on to capture Lazarus. He said that he realizes that this whole event may have damaged the relations between Ruescher and other nations, but it was needed to apprehend the terrorist.
Although Lazarus has now been captured it will take many years before most nations will be able to trust Ruescher again.

The debate about Gold continues

The price of gold rose sharply today, soaring to almost $480 per ounce. This rise is due in part to the proposed ban on alchemy, bought forward by the kingdom of Ruescher. This proposed ban has already been signed by four nations. In accordance with this proposed ban any nation that is found using alchemy shall hereby have trade restrictions placed upon them. If they do not comply with these restrictions they shall be enforced by military action.

Davidu legalizes crack

Today all across Davidu drug addicts rejoiced in the news that Davidu has legalized crack. Because of the news a war has started in Davidu between the meth dealers and the crack producers as one is now legal and taking business from the other. It is expected to spill onto the streets and gun ownerships to rise sharply, along with murder rates as well. The Kingdom of Ruescher has now banned all people and goods coming from the nation of Davidu from entering there country. Other nations have taken a less drastic approach to this by insisting that all members coming from Davidu into there country or into the UASC shall first have to take a drug test.

Artefact found in Quagmire rocks

Today in Quagmire rocks a great discovery has been found. It is thought to be the legendary Pandora’s box. The legendary box is said to contain hell itself along with all mater of evil things you could not imagine. The story goes that God gave the box to Pandora and she was told not to open it under any circumstances. Pandora’s curiosity got the better of her though and she opened it. In consequence of her disobeying God evil was released upon Earth. The king of Ruescher announced today that this discovery should be destroyed to save mankind. This has been backed by Crenshar who also agrees that it would be best if it was destroyed. The nation of Maximum Depreciation has though stepped in arguing that this is an important religious find that should not be destroyed.
“ This box is of great religious importance and should not be destroyed. I know the story’s about its power as well as the next person and i agree to strict controls on how it is handled and I also agree on the fact that it shall never be opened but we must take this Opportunity to find out more about the religions. We shall never have another chance like this again! if you destroy it you shall have riots all over the world from fanatic groups. This shall only be a threat to the entire world if it is not dealt with properly or if it falls into the wrong hands My nation is willing to send 10,000 men over to Quagmire Rocks to stop this from happening. They shall guard the surrounding area as well as inside the complex where this box is being examined.”

Alien Invasion

Long Range scanners picked up an image today of an unknown fleet heading towards the Mars Colony. We have been unable to pick them up on broadband, decoded or standard communications. They are expected to hit Mars Space in 8 hours. The fleet numbering around 250,000 ships are reported to be the alien horde that Ruescher apparently destroyed. The planet Ruescher did destroy has now been found to be a small space colony of the alien hordes. In an emergency move to help the fleet, Ruescher and Crenshar scientists jointly created a Fleet Shield Ship that emanates a shield from the front of the vessel that flies point in the front of the fleet to sheild them from long range attacks. They are untested but that is about to change, the ships were created last minute and using nanotech and all available ship yards we were able to make about 20 of them. The small colony of the alien horde gave the kingdom of Ruescher a lot of trouble when he went to war with them so with this fleet numbering almost 10 times the size of the one orbiting the old colony it is yet to be seen if the combined force of the nations of abyss have the power to stand up to the threat of this latest invasion.


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