Tuesday, May 03, 2005

May 3rd 2005

The headlines Today...

Bong! Kingdom of Ruescher admits to terrorism as conference on venus collapses.
Bong! Terroist strikes hit Abyss again for 2nd day running.
Bong! Ban lifted on Space fold Technology.

Today in a shocking statment of truth the Kingdom of Ruescher today admitted to acts of terrorism against the nation of Plaerah Blerrt. The Kingdom of Ruescher admitted in front of everyone inside the Venus Conference that he blackmailed high ranking officals within Plaerah Blerrt in order to gain infomation upon his power stations. This has caused outrage amongst the nations attending the conference with Maximum Depreciation, Plaerah Blerrt, Panoptik and Crenshar already dropping out with many more nations expected to pull out their delegates within the next 24 hours. It is not yet known if any bans and restictions shall be placed upon The Kingdom of Ruescher following this revelation but it is sure that it will take a long time for all nations to regain there confidence and trust in Ruescher.

Terrorists struck the region again today resluting in the biggest loss of life within Abyss for many years. Despite increased security measures and intense monitoring of harbors all across the region, the main fleet of the ARAF was struck today in Governmental Harbor by mass amounts of timed explosions. The Dry Docks, Docking ports and construction yards were all hit. Overall, 16 Naval ships, 2 subs and 14 transports and a few harbor ships were all hit, damaged and/or sunk. The offical death toll released by General Crenshar stands at3792 sailors, 146 civilians and 650 government workers along with over 400 wounded.The explosions started in the Crenshar Fleet Yards and spread to Maximum Depreciations fleet, Ruescher, numbtys, Oogywala and Auel Niederian Fleets.
Shortly after these attacks a statment was released by the leader of the terrorist organisation.
"My name is Lazarus, I am an ex commander of the ARAF, some knew me as Commandant...I am here to put an end to the tyranny of AByss and all that you stand for. We will make our demands known in the next few days but until then you will know our full capabilites, as you already know a few...for example your precious fleets. My Brethern and I will make ourselves a force to be reckoned with and you will know the true meaning of the word pain and suffereing....as another example of what we intend to do, we want 10 billion wired to an offshore account on Mars or we will blow up the Crenshar Arch and detonate a nuke in a city of our chosing. Any country that allies itself with ARAF and the government of Abyss will be a target, men, women, children it does not matter....you have 48 hours to wire us the money"

After no money was transfered to the account of the terrosrists they carried forth there plans and destroyed the Crenshar Arch. To try and safeguard his nations future the kingdom of Ruescher backed down to Lazarus and wired 10 million to the account.
we shall bring you more on this story in tommorows edition.

The ban has today been lifted on using Fold space technology to travel around space as New rules were implemented upon the use. These new rules enable all nation to be able to use the technology and they can only be used against other nations if a multiple ammount of nations agreee to it along with Crenshars engineer crews being the only ones that are able to look after it. This has been agreed by the nations of Maximum Depreciation and Plaerah Blerrt who shall be being 3 and 1 ships respectively.

There are still jobs avaliable within the paper if anyone wants them if you are interested please contact Maximum Depreciation.


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