Tuesday, May 03, 2005

May 2nd 2005

The Headlines Today...

Bong! Terrorists strike again in Abyss
Bong! Improved Portal system arrives
Bong! Latest from GREAT Britain

Terrorists have again today heaped misery upon the region of Abyss as the CSS Nova Scottian Princess was struck today by a series of detonated explosives as it was descending from Orbit. First reports indicate that around 350 people have lost their lives with many more injured. The explosions ripped through the entertainment areas of the upper decks where most that lost there lives were having a good night. The explosions also ripped through the engine room and some of the passengers apartments. In total 17 explosions detonated across the 1st class passenger ship.
After investigation into why this passenger ship was targeted it emerged it was carrying diginatires from a few improtant nations within Abyss. The Manifest was not logged officially to try and as hide the passengers identities.
A cruiser was also hit by the same terrorist group today as it was entering Orsythe Harbor. The Cruiser, CSS Neptune, was to be decommissioned, stripped and then the hull was to be retrofitted for Numbtys Fleet as part of a sale to his country by Crenshar. The ship had 12 explosions rip thru the hull. All hands on board were killed this included 57 Crenshar Sailors in all along with 13 Numbtinian sailors which included a Numbtinian Admiral.

Today Ruescher scientists on Venus have made a new discovery that shall improve the portal system. Ruescher having stole the specifications to the portals that Crenshar is using has shrunk the system to allow it to be equiped to even the smallest of fighters. This shall make travelling to deep space easier and less expensive although it shall cost Ruescher billions to fit to his ships.

The region of GREAT britain seems to be safe again after it was revealed that many other regions came to help. In all 5 regions came to the aid of GREAT Britain in its time in need and helped to secure its safety. GREAT Britain wishes to thank the following regions for there help in safeguarding the regions future:
The Pacific Defenders,
The British Empire,
Great Britain and Ireland,
and England.
GREAT Britain would also like to send out its thanks to USK who also offered help but was not needed.
At the same time as this defence task force were being formed the Govenment of GREAT Britain used diplomatic means to break up - -Great Britain- -'s invading coalition by persuading the region of United National Capitalists to pull out of the invasion and the region of Mighty Ireland to stay neutral.


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