Friday, May 13, 2005

May 13th 2005

The Headlines Today…

Bong! New Medical Centre purposed in the kingdom of Ruescher
Bong! Perspective Political Parties announced

New Medical Center purposed in the kingdom of Ruescher

Today the HealthCare officer of the Government of Ruescher announced that the construction of a highly anticipated 200 Billion dollar hospital will begin once a design has been selected. The hospital will be built in the city of Zeta located on Venus. The king has called out to all Abyss architects to provide designs for a possible facility. The winner shall get $20,000 along with the winning nation getting 100 million dollar donation . This hospital will provide care for soldiers injured while in service to the military and other long term patients from across the Kingdom and shall serve as the main hospital in the region where any patients that need specialised treatment shall be able to go.
The King of Ruescher had this to say;
“This facility is going to be the crowning achievement of the kingdom of Ruescher . It will leave an example on the galaxy and beyond. This facility is meant to out shadow any other ever built or any going to be built. The funds for the project are coming from interstellar trade and various moneys we’ve confiscated from private corporations after unseemly practices. I myself have fronted 10% of the bill out of my own pocket and another 10% is being donated by various private organizations and fund raising initiatives. We’ve been working towards this facility for 20 years now and its finally a realization. That is why we are calling out for designs for such a magnificent facility, we believe it a proper look for such a project.”

So far only 3 famous architects from the nation of Maximum Depreciation have lodged any sort of designs ranging from a mixture of old and new to the tallest hospital ever made and Contemporary design.

Tony Goodyear, 48, a university graduate from Alpha, has made public his design and hopes it will win him the prize.
“ This design has been used many times in Max Dep. And is very popular with most people enjoying the look of the building. Its not like the old buildings at all really apart from the size of it. The glass I think gives it an edge over the rest of the competition with it allowing a great deal of light inwards, giving a sense of cleanliness”

Craig Lock, 37, designer of some of the tallest buildings within the region has again caused controversy with his latest design. Most people do not see the need of a hospital being so tall yet he thinks this strange design shall win him the prize.
“ This kind of project has never been tried before that is why I shall win. Just think of it you go in hospital with an injury or whatever and when you look out of the window you can see for miles and let your troubles fly away with the passing Canada Geese.”

Lastly Mark Joseph, 23 , has revealed his latest Contemporary design to the judges with this one being covered in blocks.
“ like man this is the way to go man! Look at it dude, what does it remind you of? Gods Creation man cant you see it?? Look at it. that’s how god made us man! It shows the building blocks of life. And what better building to have this than a hospital dude, where life is started!”

The kingdom of Ruescher have announced that the winner shall be announced soon.

Perspective Political Parties announced

Yesterday we announced the proposed creation of a political parties within Abyss. Today the main parties have been announced. So far there are the conservative party headed by Crenshar and backed up by the nations of Maximum Depreciation, Dyersburg and Thorran.

The next party is the Progressive Conservatives headed by Ruescher and backed by Saween.

Next up is the Social Liberals founded and backed only by Oogywala

Then there is the Green Party founded and backed only by Davidu

And lastly there is the Democrat Party headed by Quagmire and backed by Pleareh Blerrt.

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