Wednesday, May 11, 2005

May 11th 2005

The headlines today…

Bong! Nova Panoptik history exhibition opens
Bong! Mole people are true but are enslaved by Reuscher
Bong! Death Star attacked
Bong! Abyss gets Democratic?

Nova Panoptik history exhibition opens

Today the government of Nova Panoptik have opened a new exhibition charting there nations history through the centuries. The exhibit in the city of Pittsburgh features many articles and shows daily movies showing there nations past. One of the most exciting exhibits show the ‘Apocalypse War’ that all but destroyed Nova Panoptik many centuries ago. Much of the new exhibition has only recently been discovered by a recent archaeological investigation in the old city of Hempbridge which used to contain the old centre of research within its walls. It is hoped that as the investigation goes on, more of Nova Panoptiks past shall rise to the surface.
Mole people are true but are enslaved by Reuscher
Yesterday we announced the discovery of a new race of Humans called ‘the mole people.’ Today we are sad to announced that they are being hunted to extinction by Reuscher barely a day after they have been discovered. Due to there great diggin skills they have become highly prised to Reuscher who is capturing them in order to ship them out to there space colonies in order to mine the materials there. Any who do not agree to go or who put up a resistance are killed by Reuscher’s elite guard. Many nations have expressed there disgust to the government of Reuscher who has responded by them saying ’they can all go to hell in a hand basket.’
In response to this Government of Quagmire Rocks have started to arm the last remaining Mole Men in order for them to protect themselves. Nations all over Abyss have started to see the mole people now trying to cross there borders into there country claiming asylum. One of the nations hit worse by these asylum seekers is Nova Panoptik who have announced that they have received a total of 800,000 applicants for asylum have agreed to host them if they help to build a new city for themselves under ground. We at Abyss news managed to get an interview with what seems to be one of the leaders of this race.
“We have been driven out of our homes! We have been taken from our way of life by the government of Reuscher. Those mines that we had under there nation were built many moons ago and are hardly ever used. There were plans by the elders to fill them in when we heard that there was a nation residing up on the surface. We never got the chance to. My race shall never forget the way Reuscher has treated us and one day my brothers who have been captured shall rise against them and shall gain there freedom once more!”

Death Star attacked

Today the Benarous 2nd space fleet launched a surprise assault on Quagmire and Abyss’s last remaining DS. The government of Ruescher have denied any involvement in the matter and stated that it was thinking of doing the same. The results of the battle have not yet been release but casualties are expected to be high on both sides. With the impending attack Quagmire has called on Abyss nations to give him there keys so it can be reactivated. So far most nations in abyss have allowed the Death Stars to be reactivated.
At midday today Benarous battle ships were spotted entering the solar system destined for the DS. Within moments of being sighted the all clear was sounded by the nations of Abyss enabling the Ds to be reactivated. The ensuing battle has so far raged for over an hour now with the Benarous taking massive casualties. Due to the unprepared ness of the Bernarous and their call to end the DS, the Space Fleet of Ruescher today decided to uphold its part in the alliance and end the DS life. At approx 13:00 hours a large portal opened near the DS and 15 large beams came out of it. The beams lasted approximately 30 minutes and penetrated the shield severely damaging the DS.
30 minutes was plenty of time though for Quagmire forces to do what they were required to do, because the Benarous didn’t close the portal while they were attacking Quagmire Forces were able to send many cloaked ships into the portal while it was opened. once all ships were out of harms way the deaths stars main cannon was activated thus destroying Ruescher and alien ships alike. Although in doing so the DS was destroyed in the process. Upon coming back the unexpected ships of the Bernarous and Ruescher fleet were unprepared with what they were about to face. An onslaught of weapon fire ensued aimed at the ships destroying every last alien ship that was in the area.
More news on this shall be reported tomorrow.

Abyss gets Democratic?

A new idea has been raised within Abyss by nations who are tired with the same old Directorate system that has been in place since the beginning of our region. It has been announced that a three party system shall be considered to help bring a little amount of democracy to Abyss. So far many nations have expressed an interest in this party system with three main parties shining out already. These are the conservative party, founded my the nation of Crenshar and is backed by the nations of Far Hills, Maximum Depreciation and Reuscher. The second party is the green party founded and backed only by Quagmire Rocks. The third party is the Democrat Party founded by Davidu and backed by the nation of Pleareh Blerrt. More nations and parties may become apparent when this gets the go ahead.


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