Tuesday, May 10, 2005

May 10th 2005

The Headlines Today...

Bong! Underground City opens under Quagmire Rocks
Bong! Drej ships debate opens
Bong! DS back on the engender
Bong! Disaster strikes Theta 6
Bong! Members of GREAT Britain gets Special commendations

Underground City opens under Quagmire Rocks

The first Underground city within Abyss opened this morning with a special ceremony in which the President of Quagmire Rocks announcing the complex open. The structure is over 3 levels deep with the northern sector housing trade and Embassy buildings. It is already been called the 9th wonder of Abyss by some high ranking officials that viewed the grand opening today. Zion, as the city has been christened, shall house many millions of Quagmires population already with the option of extending the levels to accommodate even more. The project has been in development for many years and the President is said to be ecstatic that this massive undertaking has been completed successfully.
“ This City is a lasting tribute to the workmen of Quagmire. It has taken many years to plan and complete but the results have been worth the wait. This city shall always be here to remind us that if we wish for something and believe in something hard enough you can achieve your dreams.”

Thorough the building of Zion it has been found that raw materials which can be worth a fortune on the surface of earth will now cost less as a lot of money has been saved with Quagmire miners now being able to mine at the source. There have been rumours of mole like people already by the yet small populace of Zion as they explore the complex. These sighting have not worried but excited the Quagmire government who are interested in finding out if the rumours are true. Scientists are already stating that these Mole Men could be an undeveloped form of Humans who have adapted to live underground. Mark Davis, the head of scientific research within Quagmire earlier had this to say.
“ These Mole men could be a new form of humans who have adapted to living underground. The reason we have never seen this form of Humans before could be the fact that we have never really explored under the earth surface. We have explored the seas and we have explored space but we have never even tried to explore below us. If these sightings are real it could help us to discover how our race started!”

Drej ships debate opens

The debate about the Drej class ships used by Ruescher to defeat the aliens and angered the nation of Maximum Depreciation heated up today as other nations come into the frame releasing that this is now a matter of regional security. Ruescher has so far refused to any demands made to him to dismantle this ships as they posses Planet destroying power. At the moment Crenshar has backed Ruescher to keep his ships as they have managed to save the region many times although he understands that they should be keep out of the solar system at all time unless in the case of an emergency. This debate has also dragged in the once secrete order of the Crystal Dagger. It is said that they are very concerned with the quarrel between Abyss nations regarding the Drej ships but also the Death Stars as well. They wish to make it clear that these matters need to be resolved sooner rather than later.

DS back on the engender

The Death stars debate has again rose to the top of regional matters with the one Question on most nations minds, ’Should the Death Stars be reactivated and reproduced?’
This has angered Ruescher who again has resorted to violence and has threatened to destroy the Death Stars to solve this problem. His argument is that the Death Stars are now out of date as well as being too slow and hard to defend. This has been denied by other nations residing within Abyss and those who back the Death Star strongly. The president of Quagmire Rocks has stated that he will be able to defend the Death Stars but again stated that it can more than easily defend itself.

Disaster strikes Theta 6

Today the Mining colony of Theta 6 in the Kuiper Belt suffered a catastrophic power failure that resulted in a core overload. The result was an explosion equivalent to 600,000 Ballistic missiles, destroying the entire mine and asteroid it was built into.The core and power units were made by Reuscher United, a consortium that CMC, Crenshar Mining Corporation, had contracted in the early days of space mining to supply all mining facilities with power, as this was a little used colony CMC never got around to upgrading the power supply. The result was the reactor finally overloaded, resulting in the loss of the mine and all who manned it. 729 people and 4 ships were lost in total. All across Crenshar there is mourning for the loss of these brave space pioneers who have gave there life serving for there country. From today onward CMC have announced that they are upgrading all colonial power supplies and doing away with any foreign provided power supply.
The Crown Corporation of Reuscher apologizes for this catastrophic event but says they did warn the CMC of the short life on the power supply. Although it is not there fault the CCR have announced they want to prove to the mining world that they can still do good on there promises, therefore Ruescher United offers to compensate Crenshar for there horrific loss and upgrade all facilities using our old and outdated power supplies free of cost.

Members of GREAT Britain gets Special commendations

After the recent events that have taken place in the region of GREAT Britain it has been announced by The Jingoistic States of Duvna that certain members that have shone through the recent conflict a special commendation.
The Jingoistic States of Duvna made the following statment yesterday at an formal awards ceremony;
“ I would like to thank Wideawake, Claverton and York for their effort in the recent invasion. I would therefore like to bestow the honour of knighthood on them all. I pledge to you the region shall never forget your bravery.
You may now rise

Sir Widawake Island,
Sir West Riding of York and
Sir Claverton "


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