Thursday, May 05, 2005

May 05 2005

The headlines today….

Bong! Terrorist Update
Bong! The United Abyss Space Corps gets the go ahead
Bong! Gold Crashes
Bong! Jolly Roger takes The region of Networkradio

The terrorist group led by Lazarus today made more demands on the region of Abyss. This time instead of asking for money, Lazarus asked for the founder of Abyss, the UN Delegate and the General of the army be placed into protective custody ready to face trial for abuse of power. Following the latest demands on all News channels of Abyss Crenshar forces managed to follow the signals and revealed that they were emanating from within Reuscher held lands. Although Lazarus managed to get away Crenshar forces have managed to identify Lazarus as Commandant Oei of the Nation of Oei. Background information shows that Oei was one of the founding members of the Central Abyssian Intel and helps to explain how his terrorist organisation managed to get access to the ports and security systems.
Because Crenshar forces did not ask to cross into Reuscher held lands, the King of Reuscher has mobilized his entire army and has ordered them to fire on any ships or men that cross there borders. This action by the Kingdom of Reuscher has led many nations to believe that Reuscher may be supporting Commandant Oei with his attacks.
Soon after these allegations were made Commandant Oei asked for Reuscher to join forces with them and declare war on all nations within Abyss. Realizing that his nation is not as popular with others in Abyss as he thought the king is said to be see to no reason why he should not join forces and combine there strength.
After hearing that the kingdom of Reuscher is considering joining with Commandant Oei the General of the ARAF put the whole army on red alert and released this short statement;
“We will stand firm and will not let our region be torn a-sunder by any nation or man. We will fight, we will win, and we will see our enemies heads on a Pike!"

At 1120 hours GMT the king of Reuscher announced his support for Lazarus and his terrorist group. Due to the mounting conflict that will arise the shields on Venus, the Ruescher section of Mars, Uranus, and Ruescher's land on Earth have been activated. The entire army and space fleets are currently located themselves behind the shield as they will probably be attacked right away.The king has named Lazarus the general of the army and is going to be meeting with him tommorow on Venus as to what actions to take next.
Lazarus, who has now been seen many times within Reuscher held lands today released a statement on the reason why he has been attacking the nations of Abyss,
Abyss, you are wondering why I fight you? Well its simple, abyss betrays, it leaves its soilders behind and doesnt stick to thier word that no troop will be left behind. My men and I were left behind for dead. We fell into an ambush in Warzone Europe and were left for dead, my country was given to another and my family was booted to the streets. This is why I hate abyss and it must fall. My troops are wtih me on this, we numbered almost 5000 troops and we were left behind, we were said to be dead but that was not true, some were wounded but nothing more than communications down was the problem, now our lives are ruined and we want revenge.We will have it and any that stand in our way will be killed.To show you again that we are serious just watch you local news tonight. We will show you how serious we are”
Abyss now waits to see what Lazarus shall do. We shall update you on this story tomorrow.

The United Abyss Space Corps got the go ahead by the Directorate today and is ready to start a combined effort to explore and defend space. Its new headquarters shall be above Abyss within space. The UASC has already got a few nations on board the project including Crenshar, Plaerah Blerrt, Maximum Depreciation and Numbtys. These nations are allowed to keep there current ships but shall have men posted upon new UASC ships. These shall be manned by members of all nationalities and race whose main job is to serve and Protect Abyss interest in space. We at Abyss News wish all nations involved in this project the best of luck.

Today gold prices collapsed. This means devastation for many investors and governments with large stocks of gold. The Kingdom of Ruescher is one of the worst nations hit by this collapse, losing billions of dollars Many people are asking for answers as to why this happened and the king immediately pointed to Quag for his alchemy experiments and production. Critics stated that this is probably the largest reason for the collapse of gold prices, but also stated the recent production increase the government of Ruescher undertook after the rebellion.Considering gold cost almost $430 an ounce and it dropped to almost $20 an ounce it is a serious matter and as yet no one knows how to end this collapse.

The invader region of The Jolly Roger invades the region of NetWorkRadio Rumours have been confirmed that the intrepid pirate raiders from The Jolly Roger have raided the region of NetWorkRadio and installed themselves in the Governorship. Natives from this port confirm that insane pirate banter is being blasted out from the radio tower and that natives have been ejected from the region. Distressingly, the new pirate governor won with just 3 endorsements meaning that no defender organisations noticed the attack on the region meaning that there was no help for any of the natives there. There can be no doubt that this swift and easy victory does not bode well for the future or the reputations of many defender organisations.


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