Saturday, May 21, 2005

Eye on Nationstates.

This week I went around many regions trying to find a nation to interview but I was rejected time and time again. Then I realised, why don’t I ask the UN delegate of the place were all rejected nations go! So off I went and asked The Republic of Kandarin if he would answer my questions and to my relief he didn’t reject me!!

Max DP- How long have you been playing NS for?

The Republic of Kandarin-Two years as of this February.

Max DP- How did you come across NS?

The Republic of Kandarin- A friend told me about it, and I got hooked pretty quickly.

Max DP- What made you want to be the UN Delegate for this region?

The Republic of Kandarin- It was a rather complex situation. The previous Delegate got ejected from the UN and the region was being attacked by invaders, so I ran for the post.

Max DP- where did the name of your Nation come from?

The Republic of Kandarin- Kandarin is a kingdom in the online RPG "Runescape", which I also play.

Max DP- What region did you come from before the Rejected Realms

The Republic of Kandarin- I really don't remember names, I wandered around a number of small regions before settling here.

Max DP- Who in your opinion is the greatest NS player you have come across?

The Republic of Kandarin- Ballotonia/Free4all, for really putting in the time to understand everything about this game. Plus he defeated Great Bight.

Max DP- What is the best moment you have had in NS?

The Republic of Kandarin- I really can't think of a particular one offhand.

Max DP- What one word summaries NS and the rejected realms and why?

The Republic of Kandarin- Patience. There are so many frayed nerves and tense situations around here, the key to success is being patient with situations, and others.

Max DP- what would you do if NS went down for Good?

The Republic of Kandarin- Stick around on the forums, try to relocate the refugees, so to speak, to another game.

Thanks for answering my Questions and i hope your reign as Delegate continues


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