Saturday, May 14, 2005

Eye on Nationstates.

This weeks Eye on Nationstates has taken me far and wide to a place called Gatesville, one of the largest player created regions in the game. We have managed to get an interview with its founder, The Fearless Armed Liberators of Gates the god!

So here are the questions:

Max DP- How did you come across Nationstates?

Gates of God- I picked it out of a forum someone posted the link.

Max DP- where did the name of your nation come from?

Gates of God- Gates seemed to go with god.

Max DP- This region is one of the largest player created regions in the game. how did you manage to make it so popular?

Gates of God- When I first started to play the game I noticed that every U.N. resolution was passing and in my opinion many were infringing on a nations right to govern themselves [the 40hr work week for example}. I started to do a little research and found out that many nations had the same outlook. There was no organized resistance to the NS U.N. just a lot of players complaining about it so I started Gatesville.

Max DP- where did the name for this region come from?

Gates of God- Gates = Gatesville

Max DP- how long have you been in the game?

Gates of God- About two years.

Max DP- what is the best moment you have had in Nationstates?

Gates of God- When our regional population reached 1000 we also have several franchised regions.

Max DP- who is the best Nationstates player, in your opinion, that you have come across?

Gates of God- There are many but I would say Kandarin the delegate of the Rejected Realms

Max DP- what one word summarises Nationstates and gatesville and why?

Gates of God- Fun. I’ve created many friends in NS and the game has everything, politics, friendships, enemies, etc.

Max DP- What would you do if Nationstates went down for good?

Gates of God- Probably go through withdrawals LOL Gatesville is a huge region and it takes a lot of time to run.

Thankyou for taking the time to answer these questions for me i hope you region continues to grow and grow.


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