Saturday, May 07, 2005

Eye on Nationstates.

Every week we shall try and get an interview with one main player in Nationstates, be it in Abyss or otherwise. These interviews will hopefully give us a little insight into the goings on with some of the most high profile players within NS. This week we shall be conducting an interview with the one, the only, Auel Neider!

Max DP: How did you come across Nationstates?

Auel Neider: Some people I knew where playing it during their free hours at school and I happened to walk by when they were playing NationStates. Knowing that a came like NationStates would be perfect to fight my own boredom during the free hours, I decided to start my own nation. That was 4.5 years ago and I still enjoy playing the game.

Max DP: Seeing that you are the founder of Abyss why did you decide to make this region?

Auel Neider: Founding a succesful region was the only thing I hadn't done on NationStates. After my old region (City of London) began to decline in activity I decided to take up the challenge of founding a region and make it succesful. I had founded some other regions before, but they were mostly filled with my puppets.

Max DP: What do you think about Abyss now?

Auel Neider: Abyss is a great region and I think there aren't many other region who can compete with it. The region has to thank an active and interesting core group of members for this.

Max DP: What one word summerises Abyss and why?

Auel Neider: Diverse. Abyss has a diverse group of members.

Max DP: Where did the name for your nation and this region come from?

Auel Neider: Some people already know this, but for those who don't: Auel Neider is a character in the anime "Gundam Seed Destiny". In this show he pilots a gundam (giant fighting robot) named Abyss. I should say this in a past tense actually. Auel died in combat last week. I have good hopes that he isn't dead though and that he will make a dramatic reappearance

Max DP: what region did you come to Abyss from?

Auel Neider: City of London.

Max DP: Who, in your opinion, is the greatest Nationstates player you have come across and why?

Auel Neider: Sarda. He founded several succesful regions at once and managed to get an important position in Gatesville (the largest player created region in the game). He is also known and respected by many others. If I had to look at accomplishments: he is the greatest I know.

Max DP: What is the best moment you have had in Nationstates?

Auel Neider: The largest region I was ever in was CoL when it still had 120+ members. The moment that Abyss became larger than this was my best moment. Although my victory in a fight for the delegacy in Peace and Happiness (or something like that) was also a great moment. That was 2 years ago.

Max DP: What would you do if Nationstates was shut down for good?

Auel Neider: I would probably be angry for a while and then find another online RP.

Thank you for your time Auel Neider and continue the good work you are doing


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