Friday, April 29, 2005

Latest News 28th April 2005

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BONG! Horde threat ended with controversial weapon!

The horde threat has been ended with extreme efficiency by Ruescher. The alien planet is now no more as Ruescher used a very controversial wepon to end the threat once and for all. He used a ship version of the Death Stars which he was so against yet he allows his own fleet to use basically the same form of weapons. This has caused uproar within the region with many nations very angry with what Ruescher has done. Crenshar has pointed out that this latest weapon of the Ruescher fleet is against the Mars accord which is strongly denied by Rueschers king. King Jock II of Maximum Depreciation has announced that he is bringing his troops back from the soils of Ruescher untill this has been sorted out. He believes that it is against his nations morals to help a nation who goes back on there principles.


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