Friday, April 29, 2005

Latest News 27th April 2005

****Latest News****

BONG! Update "revolt within Ruescher!"
BONG! ARAF Promotion!

The nations of Maximum Depreciation and Crenshar have now sent a combined total of over 2million troops to try and force back the rebels and restore The monarchy of Ruescher. There have been clashes on the main ports of Ruescher resulting in many dead on both sides although no figure has yet been released. One main battle during this war codenamed operation Monarchy was the space battle near the Moon of Phobos. A huge battle erupted there not long ago resulting in many deaths on both sides. The 8th and 4th divisions of Crenshar fleets engaged the enemy and later with the help of the remaining space fleet of Rueschers managed to defeat the rebels and prevent the war from reaching the space colonies. Immense damage has been made upon buildings within Ruescher and the bill is said to already be within the billions.

With the army in action over in City of London, it has been announced that there has been a promotion within the ranks. The general today announced that Corporal Ruescher has been promoted to Captain due to his services to Intel research. Ruescher is said to be very pleased with his promotion and has revealed that wants to carry on working his way up the ranks.


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