Friday, April 29, 2005

April 29th 2005

Todays Headlines...
BONG! Rebellion draws to a close
BONG! Regional flag??
The rebellion on Ruescher is about to draw to a close whithin the next few days. With help on earth from Maximum Depreciation, Crenshar, numbtys and Oogywala the battle then moved onto space where The Crenshar space fleet along with the remaining space fleet of Ruescher has almost finished them off despite the rebels having an alliance with the Alein Horde. After 2 weeks of fighting the war upon Mars was declared over by Crenshar who lost the entire 3rd fleet.
The king of Ruescher also announced that due to the decimation of his army during the rebel uprising he shall be devoting the entire govenment budget to funding the rebuilding of his army.
A new debate has come up recently over why the region of Abyss has not got a regional flag?
Not many had thought about this untill now and a few designs have been brought to the attention of the founder already. If anyone has any ideas about the regional flag or would like to show us there own design for one please post in the regional forums under the thread "regional flag"


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