Friday, April 29, 2005

April 26th 2005 Daily News

The headlines today,
Bong! War games Commence!
Bong! Army enlistment questioned!
Bong! Region Decline!
Bong! Rumbles of revolt continue!
Bong! Kingdom of Ruescher and numbtys declare peace!

The ARAFs national War games commenced last week had its first part of major action yesterday as the Alpha team sent in its first invader units to topple the defence set up by Omeaga team. This came as a shock to Omeaga team as it was so soon in coming seeing that the defence was only set up at the last Update. The regional delegate, ‘The Dominion of House Atreidies’ soon ejected them making it the first successful defence of the war game region since war games was invented. The nations that were ejected are free to try again at a later date as they have been removed from the regional ban list. We shall update you with more news on this as events happen.

Army enlistment methods were today questioned and deemed unfair by members of our region. Monadnock has asked our general as to why only Un nations can become official members of the ARAF. The general confined by legal requirements could only give a brief response as to not compromise the Army.
“ We only let Un nations enlist in the army as, anyone involved in NationStates will know, only UN nations can endorse a certain member.”
Monadnock the regional delegate of Abyss responded with this to say
“ There are some regions that want only non-un nations. They don't want a un delegate at all. I'm not saying to allow people to go up through the ranks but lower ranks. What's the harm? They can serve as scouts, etc.”
The general was unable to comment on this but is said to be seriously considering letting non UN nations in the army.

The region has suffered a sharp decline in numbers over the recent weeks that is starting to worry certain members of Abyss. We have been told that this recent decline is nothing to worry about as they are mainly old ’puppet’ nations that have been dying. A result of the recent decline in numbers is also due to the War games that are taking place as we speak as most of the army is taking part.

Rumbles of revolt continue today within the puppet nation of KRSONE as major government building take hits from protesters. The revolutionaries are getting more dangerous by the day with these latest bombings upon government buildings and the embassy of Crenshar which resulted in 19 dead and 53 wounded. Davidu has though rejected the offer of help from the Kingdom of Ruescher and numbtys as they do not want to become involved within their current disagreement. Crenshar has offered to lend them its new military grade microwave generators which gives protesters a mild case of sun burn but as yet it is very controversial. Research has found that prolonged exposure to this device can lead to cancer and other diseases. This has been denied by both Crensher and Maximum Depreciation who use the device frequently.The Kingdoms of Ruescher and numbtys today declare peace bringing an end to months of fighting between the two nations. It has been agreed by the two nations that The kingdom of Numbtys can have an army of 1 soldier to every 1000 citizens. This has been put in place to prevent Numbtys from attacking them again. Many nations within Abyss believe the restrictions should be placed upon Ruescher who many believe is a warmonger.


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