Friday, April 29, 2005

28th April 2005

The headlines today…

BONG! New nations help Ruescher as a unexpected twist comes apparent
BONG! A new nation emerges in Abyss
BONG! A new era for the ARAF and New Medals Awarded

The rebellion within the kingdom of Ruescher today spread across Abyss as more nations sent in troops to try and quell the uprising. The nations of numbtys and Oogywala have sent in a combined total of 576000 personnel which includes a strong force of medical staff. The kingdom of Ruescher is now hopeful of ending this war on earth quickly.In space, however, it is a different story as new Intel reports have shown that the alien species known as the horde have an alliance with the rebels. The Prime minister of Oogywala earlier released a statement on the number of his army personnel that he shall send to help Ruescher defeat the alien hordes.
“These forces will include our famous OSS BattleAxe fighters and our medium-class OSS Predators, but these will not be going it alone. They will be joined by our recently completed Imperial Class fleet, which was scheduled to be unveiled early next week. In the wake of recent events, however, there is no time to waste with fluff and ceremony. Our fighters will be deployed immediately.”
the Prime minister also asked for help from all nations in Abyss stating that the alien war was not just an alien war upon Ruescher but all nations in Abyss. Shortly after this was announced Ruescher landed around 4 million troops onto the aliens home world. The king said that his remaining loyal troops that are not in battle on earth shall defeate this threat and has therefore asked all nations of Abyss not to help them during this particular battle as it is not one to be won.

In regional news a new class of people have been given its independence in Abyss and has formed a new country. The new government of Thorran announced it had been trying to secure independence for years and are happy has it has finally been granted.

A new era for the ARAF today began as for the first time in its history Non UN nations were able to be emitted into the army. Due to growing pressure from some nations the DEFCOM has ordered the general to allow this, even though it is against the generals own opinion. These new Non UN nations shall form a new Intel division that shall be announced later today. In other ARAF news New army medals were awarded to some members of ARAF in recognition of there bravery in the line of duty.
The medals and the recipients are as follows:
Abyssian Order of the Crescent Crown:
Maximum Depreciation

Abyssian Order of the Silver Crown:

Abyssian Freedom Medal:
Far Hills

ARAF Combat medal, 4th class:

ARAF Imperial Service Award :

ARAF Silver Star:
All who are in City of London that have not gotten this before....

Abyssian Enlistment Medal, 2nd Class:
Maximum Depreciation

More medals are expected to follow in the near future.


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