Friday, April 29, 2005

27th April 2005

Today’s Headlines…
BONG! Nationstates Collapses!
BONG! War games halt!
BONG! Davidu accepts controversial methods of dealing with crowd violence!
BONG! Uprising in the Kingdom of Ruescher!

On Apr 26 2005, 10:00 GMT Nationstates suffered a crash which sent all users of NS around the globe into a worried frenzy fearing that there nations have been deleted. At first most users couldn’t get on the NS home page as it was refusing there password. Many just thought that it might be a mistake but soon things started to get serious. Those who could get on saw that the feeder regions, the Pacific’s, were gone. They also noticed that regions such as C.o.L had disappeared as well. Soon the creator of NS, Max Barry, made an public announcement about the collapse.
“Today our server ran out of disk space. Some servers, confronted with this situation, would collapse in a screaming heap, but not ours. Oh no! Instead it sucked it up and kept on running. Of course, it couldn't save anything, so almost every nation and region it touched got deleted or corrupted, but still, you have to admire its spirit.Here's what happened: we realized (a) that terrible, terrible things were happening to the game, ( this was because we'd run out of disk space, and © yes, we really should have caught this earlier. Fortunately, we had a complete backup from earlier in the day, so we took down the game and began restoring.Here's what this means: if you did anything in the 20 hours before the game went down, it's been undone. Legislation passed, telegrams sent, endorsements granted or regional movement: none of it really happened.Nations deleted in the last 20 hours will be back. (Although if they were deleted by mods, you can bet they'll be re-deleted pretty quick.) Nations created in the last 20 hours have vanished. You can re-create them, but unfortunately I suspect we'll run into some forum account wackiness, because the forum itself is not being reset. If you have problems, please see the Known Problems page.”
So there you have it NS is now back up and running with just minor damage done.

The national war games of the Abyss Regional Armed Forces-ARAF- have come to an unexpected halt today due to recent activity in the region ‘City of London.’ The break shall only be for a few days and the war games shall be running again soon. The order to halt the war games and move to City of London apparently came from the top but as yet this has been unconfirmed. The information we have is sketchy at best so we shall have to wait. We shall bring you more news on this as we get it.

In regional news Davidu has accepted the controversial methods of crowd control to try and stop the recent revolt that has happened there. This new device shall give the protesters a mild case of sunburn but has also been proved that cancer can develop if you are subjected to the device for a long time. The device can effect around 2000 people max.

Today the king of Ruescher called for help from all nations of Abyss due to an uprising in his country.. The reason for this revolt is for supposed democratic change in the country which has for a long time remained a monarchy. The king released a statement shortly before being taken away to a safe hiding place by his only loyal troops, the police force.
"Today my country is attempting to overthrow my government and this cannot happen. I beg all the nations of Abyss to aid me in this struggle to maintain my power. If a revolt of this sort succeeds here, who’s to say it wont occur in your country. I am asking for help in return for all the generous things Ruescher has done in the past for you. So I beg of you help me!"
So far the rebels have so far taken the royal palace but no news has been heard if this revolt has reached as far as Venus and other space colonies of Rueschers. So far Crenshar and Maximum Depreciation have pledged to send around 800,000 personel to try and help.


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