Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Political Suicide committed by the RLA

As news of the destruction of the ‘Invaders’ regional forums began to spread throughout Nationstates, so did the condemnation of the Red Liberty Alliance’s actions.

With the voice of the Proletariat being quoted as saying the invader forums were ‘that the ‘boards had been taken over by defenders from the Red Liberty Alliance’ it was widely believed that this was yet another attack by the RLAI on another invader groups forums, just as they did back in the summer of 2005 with the destruction of the Black hawks regional forums. However within hours of the news being printed it was announced by Xha'dam, General Secretary of the RLA, Executive Committee Member, Deputy Commander of the RLAF, that this operation was an RLAI approved operation, but was instead carried out by rouge members of the organisation,

‘The Executive Council and Command Staff of the Red Liberty Alliance hereby condemn the actions taken in regards to the destruction of the Invaders Boards. We consider these actions to be the work of individuals and not reflective of the RLA as a whole. The Executive Committee and Command Staff of the RLA had no prior knowledge that agents of the RLAI would be carrying out this attack; nor did they possess any knowledge as to the details surrounding the attack until after it was over.’

He went on to say an investigation would take place to find out how such a thing happened,

‘The EC and Command Staff also commit to conduct a complete and thorough investigation of the attack, the results of which will be made public. As part of the investigative process, we recommend an outside observer will take part in the investigation. Lanier, of the West Pacific, has agreed to act as this observer. He would examine the same evidence as the investigators and issue his own impartial report on the facts. At the conclusion of this investigation, the investigative panel will issue a recommendation on how to act on the findings which will then be submitted to the Central Soviet for consideration.In the mean time, we urge everyone to be calm and wait for the facts to come about before issuing any judgements of their own.’

In the background of all of this it was soon announced that The Red fractions, the man believed to be behind these actions, was retiring from Nationstates. In a speech he made on the Red liberty Alliance forums he announced the end to the ‘invader threat’ but also reconised his part in this terrible incident in which a regions history and community has gone for good.

‘Good evening comrades.This will be my last appearance in The Central Soviet of the Red Liberty Alliance and The People’s Assembly of The Proletariat Coalition, where so many decisions have been made that shaped the history of NationStates and my region. I remember with fondness the time I’ve spent here, helping out the best I’ve could and serving with passion and dedication. In all the decisions I have made and actions I’ve directed, I have always tried to do what was best for The Proletariat Coalition and the Red Liberty Alliance and served with zeal and dedication. This has always been true. As I go into retirement, I would like to recommend Comrade Louis IX as my successor in leading the committee of military affairs of The Proletariat Coalition.In the past few days, however, it has become evident to me that I can longer justify continuing my membership in the Red Liberty Alliance or The Proletariat Coalition. The interest of both must always come before any personal ambitions and considerations. Therefore, effective immediately, I tender my resignation from The Central Soviet of the Red Liberty Alliance, mindful of the burden and stain that I have become as opposed to the asset I would once have considered myself. As I recall the high ambitions and goals for Red Liberty Alliance with which we began this great initiative in march 2004, I feel a great sadness knowing that my time has finally come to an end. I regret deeply all injuries I've caused. I shall leave The Central Soviet, my friends, my allies with my deepest regret but with gratitude for the privilege of having served the greatest region and organization I have ever had the honour to be a member off. These years of service have been a momentous time in the history of nationstates and in the shaping of my personal political beliefs and visions. They have been a time of achievement in which we can all be proud, achievements that represent the shared efforts of The Red Liberty Alliance and the socialists of nationstates. I can for certain say that all opposition has been eliminated and that the invader threat is no more – already the Field Marshal of DEN has posted his resignation speech as a direct consequence of the attacks carried out against the Invaders forums. Together with the other defenders who have participated in this attack – the definitive coup de grace was dealt to the invader threat. As of now, there are only 5 people ( including a member of Invaders ) in nationstates who know the full details of this operation and I have full confidence in that all RL actions against me or them will end in failure – in the sure knowledge that we acted within the boundaries of international law and the terms of services of Invisionfree. The invader threat shall no longer hang over nationstates.Today, on this incredibly important day for me, I want to ask the comrades of The Central Soviet for forgiveness because of my actions and involvement in this operation. Today, I have become a burden and have overstepped my boundaries as well as authority and caused unfair pain upon the RLA that it does not deserve. To be true to the spirit in which I have served this organization, there can be no outcome but my resignation from all positions. The Red Liberty Alliance and The Proletariat Coalition are in safe hands today and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future – that I’m sure off. To have served the Red Liberty Alliance has been a genuine honor, pleasure and privilege. In leaving it, I hope that the comrades I’ve made within these will find it in their heart to forgive me for contributing to bringing upon the RLA this misfortune.May our path cross in the realms of Real Life.Long live The Proletariat Coalition!Long live The Red Liberty Alliance!The Red Factions’

Not all people are sorry to see him go however with Blackbird, in an exclusive interview for the Pacific News Network (PNN) stated, ‘that he would be the last one to welcome him back home. This is one event in a long line of insubordination’. It the interview with the PNN, Blackbird went on to tell his tale of events that led up to this PR Blunder. He stated the Red Factions told him that an invader admin defected and was going to torch the forum, and TRF needed permission to harvest the IPs. Blackbird agreed, since he could not keep a rogue admin from destroying the place. However, when it became apparent that it was RLA agents who were pulling the strings, he immediately called for the operation to stop, but the operation continued. (Source PNN)

Boston creamer of the Black Hawks disagrees with this howver, stating his own views on the takings,

‘The RLA is trying to save face by blaming TRF for everything. We know it's not all him. They are trying to escape everyone seeing them for who they really are and he's moving his nations to the RR now. No action can be taken without Blackbird's approval. Look at what they did to us in DEN and how they bragged so much. They tried to brag again but no one liked it so instead of getting promoted as he has in the past TRF has been forced out so they have one person to blame to save themselves from going down in flames! Don't let them fool the world! The RLA griefed you like they did us before you!’

In the background, battles began to start between supports of this action and those morally opposed to it. From all corners of the Defender and invader world came views of anger, disappointment and disgust, with some of the harshest critics coming from inside the TPC and the RLA Itself.

Hrmm being one of the more vocal ones has stated he is ‘not criticizing them as a member of the PA, but as a NS player. Invaders and defenders alike have been in uproar about this and not because of alliances or in game treaties. Individuals are doing this on their own. One such example is of RLA members voicing displeasure in their own organization's actions. Allies of the RLA are doing the same, as well as other defenders, and obviously, Invaders.’

The size of the Political Blunder that the RLA have made has been pointed out numourous times with the likes of Voltaires Vanguard stating that ‘The RLA are a ruthless band of self proclaimed socialist messiahs, to whom every evil is justified in their quest for power and the maintenance of their position. They are quasi-religious in their dogmatism, zeal and hypocrisy: evangecial preachers, appointed by no-one and answerable to no-one, apart from their own brand of psuedo Trotskyist claptrap. Any opposition to their ideas (no matter how moderate) is treated as an insane heresy, to be burnt out of NationStates by the fire of their ever-probing Inquistion.’

On the RLA boards Bamada says, ‘I think it's because as defenders we feel we have a moral highground. After all, we're protecting the regions that are being attacked. As such, we need to maintain that moral highground. When you delete part of the boards, you destroy a community. While this may not be a community we like, it's a community all the same. We lose our moral highground as now we are moving from simply defending, to attacking as well.’

Which was soon backed up by Canteria, ‘this action was uncalled for. Bamada was right- just because we think we have a moral highground does not mean we can call it an excuse for this. A select few in the RLA pulled off a secret sabotage mission without approval of our executive council. The implications of this are staggering. We cannot allow this to happen again. We cannot lower ourselves to be worse than the invaders.’

The outrage spreads to other regions and orgs as well with one of the founding members of the CDA, Grenval spoke out.

‘I am against destroying invader forums. If an invader destroyed The Grenvali United Forum, I would want to rip his f---ing head off. I don't want invaders to be able to justify destroying defender forums because of the actions of a few. There are some things that just aren't right. This is one of them. Red Factions crossed the line.’ which was echoed by many.

These debates a certain to continue as the pros and cons are weighed up to see who is right and who is wrong. One thing that is certain about is that the fallout and implications are certain to leave a mark on the Red Liberty Alliance, as well as the Defender community as a whole.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Red liberty Alliance strike once more to take down ‘Invaders’ forums.

The Phrase ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it’ seems to be fitting to this saga as once more the Red liberty Alliance Intelligence service has destroyed another Invader forum, this time, ‘invaders’.

As invader members logged onto their regions boards yesterday they came across a board message, left by the RLA stating that the boards are now part of RLA Property. Before they shut down the boards they also ‘looted’ several accounts of invader leaders for information. Members of the RLA Military committee have also stated that the IP address of certain nations there have also been seized as they looked to gain as much information as possible before finally deleted the boards which had close to 16,000 posts.

It was stated by the RLA that the forum had been taken with the Help of prominent defender organisation the Alliance Defence Network, although this has been denied by members of the ADN and Nascornia where the founder, Pope Hope, is also the founder of the ADN.

On the forum shoutbox of Invaders, anger, and once more disappointment, has come about with Acro Monks stating that the RLA are ‘sad little democrat wannabe[‘s]?

In response Xha’dam said, ‘How many of your boards will we have to kill and invasions do we have to stop before you recognize the truth? We're simply better than you. Our military is better. Our intelligence is better.’

As events unfolded claimed Shadowlord managed to re-capture the decimated boards and restore most of what was destroyed. Claiming this was a victory over defenders, with support from the disbanded invaders command council, who also stated that invaders would come out stronger because of this, Shadowlord attempted to claw back some pride that had been all but destroyed by the RLA’s act. This was laughed off by members of the RLA with Xha’dam, General Secretary of the RLA stating that the myth of invaders strength has been destroyed.

Ketoprofen is quoted as saying the operation was a ‘Shining Success’ and ‘An appropriate correction for their insolence.’

While details on this particular operation by the Red liberty Alliance a number of allies, who remain unknown, helped in this act of destruction. It is claimed by members who took part in this act ‘that manipulation taken to the extreme, coupled with an exploitation of their naivety’ Were the main reasons for the Invaders downfall.

Shadowlord soon accused members of the RLA of hacking into his MSN account to gain information, but was once more laughed at as the Red Factions, Minister of military affairs of RLA, all ‘[had been done] within the boundaries set forth by international law.’

The Invaders command concil has also labelled the RLA as a criminal organisation following the alleged hacking but the RLA have stated that they do have information to prove that accusations of hacking are nothing more than ‘Fabricated Invader lies’

Following the destruction calls have been made the director of Intelligence there shall take full responsibility and resign from his position after giving untrusted nations who turned out to be spies Admin controls for the board.

As the RLA show once again they will carry out this kind of act, which has been condemned by many defenders, anger and questions have once more come up.

Dalioranium Of TPC itself has asked, ‘when do we draw the line between defending and attacking? That sure wasn’t defence of anything. That was a blatant invasion’

To which the Red Factions replied, ‘We didn't attack the region - we destroyed their forums. Invaders attacked the RLA, we responded and smashed them to smithereens, as we have done several times in the past. We do not make empty threats.’

The condemnation has not stayed with the TPC however with members of the CDA, Centeral Defence Army joining in.

Glenon was first to respond, ‘Don't you think this was a bit... overboard?They took a region of yours so you destroyed their forum? That's nowhere near equivalent exchange'

Which was backed up first by Northern Chittowa, ‘i really dont agree with destroying any regions forums at all. i think its a very underhand thing to do’

And then Red Hot Chili Lepers and Gasponia…

‘I must completely agree with Glenon and Northern Chittowa.How many boards have been destroyed by invaders in the past? I've been around a long time and I can't think of one example off of the top of my head.Destroying forums is a seriously underhand thing to do, as NC has said. You have taken away something that has been built up over more than a year and you have taken away not only the forum of people who enjoy this game, but their memories and their friendships.I see no reason for this atrocity, as with the deletion of The Black Hawks' forum during the summer.’

‘Seems like a bit of an extreme reaction considering as the justification given for this attack is that an RLA region was taken over...’

it is unclear how other invaders have reacted yet but what is clear is that once more the RLA has destroyed a part of this game further helping it on the road to ultimate destruction.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Changes take hold as 4 members leave

As the scheduled changes begin to take effect in Abyss, four of its eldest members announced their decision to leave Abyss, and change their stance on the War that is currently taking place within Nationstates, from Defender to Invader.

With the abolishment of the Directorate, the respective forums were soon taken down and there documents being taken to the secure forum until such a time where they are deemed unclassified.

Those which went were, the Defence Committee – more commonly know throughout the ARAF as the Defcom -, the Foreign Affairs Committee – once regarded as the most active of all the committees - , the Internal Affairs committee – where such ideas as the court and the newspaper were first born -, as well as the Directorate meeting room, the place where all ideas were eventually fine tuned.

As the government takes hold more details on the running of the new assembly become clear as to how it will operate. 3 members will be the representatives of the now abolished directorate system with the former heads of the branches taking over the senior minister role of their respective areas, Auel Neider as Senior Defence Minister, Nova Panoptik as Senior Internal Minister and Maximum Depreciation as Senior Foreign Minister. While any citizen of Abyss may bring forward issues for the whole assembly to vote on, the Senior Ministers must first approve of the idea, before it can be put to a vote of the region.

Questions have been raised however as to the fact that this could bring more power to the current Senior Ministers. These questions were soon rebuffed by Auel who was quick to allay these fears, “No power will not be more centralised and I will tell you why. Issues will have to be voted on by the Assembly. Every secretary will be elected [and] we wont have ad hoc elections any longer, every secretary will be given a term and will have to be re-elected, or not of course after that term.”

Auel went on to say what other benefits this new form would bring as well as other ideas he would like to be brought in, after a certain amount of time, “This government also includes everyone, however it is much clearer. Thanks to the new citizen concept voting can be done with polls, in stead of PM's, without the risk of people voting twice with different accounts. I am also hoping that this new system will be more attractive to new nations. Three elected positions is too few and hoped someone had an idea for an 4th and a 5th (but no more) Or we could make 2 or so appointed positions. For instance an under-secretary of recruiting who is appointed by the secretary of internal affairs and handles recruiting and advises the secretary on all other things. The person running for secretary of internal affairs would announce who he will appoint as under-secretary during the election.”

Right on the heels of this announcement, another blow to Abyss to further add to the depression that has engulfed it so far. On October 11th 2005 four respected members of Abyss decided it was time to leave the region which they had called home for so long, one member since February.

Quag, Davidu, Leven Terrance and Kab, all members of the Intel division who have decided that defending is no longer for them, and that invading is the way to go, “You may have noticed a few changes in Abyss, like the abolishment of puppets…. Well it could have to do with me. Davidu, LT, Kab, and I are leaving Abyss to start a new region, that will be an invader region. We will Invade hate regions in dead regions, only. We have not sold out Abyss in any way. In fact I have an Idea of what Auel has in store, and it should be fun if you stick around. I will not advertise my region here, and you probably wont know about it for a month or so, but we do plan on working with abyss. Its been a fun ride but its time to switch to the invader side.”

There leaving meet with a confused response from Abyss with Mellancholl saying what everyone had thought, “this is unexpected. you think you know people, and then they go and start morally-righteous invader regions!!no matter how surprising your news, it doesn't lessen the fact that Abyss will be losing some of its best citizens. quag was actually the first person i ever sent a pm too (and the first person i annoyed in the NS world, judging by the response). LT has to be one of the persons I’ve most enjoyed conversation with in this region; the IAC and court won't be the same without him. but don't let my sappiness or surprise ruin your leaving. in the end, i just want to repeat everything that far hills wrote, and thank you for the fun times.”

With the loss of an extra four active members it is hoped that Abyss shall soon find its feet once more and get back to what it does best, Defending the defenceless.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Depression of 2005

As another of the eldest members of Abyss ceased to exist this week, it has been confirmed that Abyss is in a state of depression, unlike any other seen before it. With forum activity on the decrease as well Questions have started to be raised as to how Abyss can lift itself out of the current sad state of affairs.

With sections of Abyss starting to point fingers, one of the main reasons where blame has fallen is the recent summer lull. At the start of the summer lull Abyss had a stable number of nations within the region of around 160 members. Now as we are approaching the end of this years lull we enter the winter months standing at 129 nations. With a decrease of over 30 nations, the drop in numbers is also beginning to effect departments within Abyss.

During the summer months, with the loss of many once active nations many departments inside Abyss have suffered greatly with the FAC and the ARAF suffering more than others.

During the summer months the FAC has had two elections to replace those who have died, including an election to replace the former head of the FAC Monadnock who ceased to be over a month ago, in the middle of the summer lull. This week has seen StCecilia, one of the eldest nations of abyss and member of the FAC also die, resulting in a total change of members on the FAC.

With the resignation of Crenshar, the first general of the ARAF at the start of the summer months due to personal reasons, the ARAF has had a major decline of activity. Once regarded as the most active place on the forums, the ARAF has become very quite with discussions only taking place there every once in a while. This decline of activity is also directly due to the summer lull with many members dieing off, leaving the ARAF quite stretched, crippling our ability to help defend regions which need it.

With the decline in members, the total forum and RMB activity has also slowed down compared to how it was during April. During the moth of April, a total of 3622 posts were made on the regional offsite forum. Compare this to the total in September, 3261, you will see a decrease of 361 posts, one of the lowest monthly post counts since the forum was created.
Also, following the retirement and death of some of Abyss’s more politically charged members, debate has slowed down tenfold on all issues including the ones which normally attract a great deal of attention such as Abortion, religion and terrorism. These debates normally help all forums become active and with this being missed a lack of conversation has occurred.

To combat this decline in activity drastic changes are being made to the foundations of Abyss itself. The AFN can reveal that Auel Neider has announced the decision to abolish the Directorate system of government in favour of a smaller more open and democratic system, which will allow all members of the region to have their say on all matters concerning the region including anything from Foreign affairs to Military action

“Having noticed the declining number of active nations in our region, we have decided to abolish the directorate at least untill we are big enough to support a government of that size again.Here is the new idea:-One institution (The Abyssian Assembly) where all members who meet the requirements vote on issues and where issues are passed by a majority. Secretaries/Ministers are elected from the Assembly and they are the ones who bring issues to the assembly. Everyone has the right to bring ideas to the Assembly, but only after the minister in question has approved it. This is the foundations of the new government. And we are going to start with it right now, meaning that you are free to provide your ideas, comments and thoughts about this.About the Secretaries:For now the committee heads will hold the secretary positions. Meaning Panoptik on internal affairs, Max Dep on foreign affairs and myself on defence/Intel. I plan to have elections for all these 3 positions and any possible 4th or 5th position as soon as we have grown a little.”

It has yet to be seen how this new form of government will affect the way Abyss is run, and if it will attract new members, yet it is hoped that with the new power the citizens of Abyss have, new members will be encouraged to join in and have their say. AFN shall keep you updated with any new developments that come forward as this new era of Abyss history takes hold.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

FAC Election Draws to a Close

The recent election for the third seat of the Foreign Affairs Committee ended this week with Davidu being announced as the winner.

After a week of furious debates and questions from natives of Abyss both runners, Far Hills and Davidu, stood fast and answered every question that was thrown their way. Questions ranged from current Diplomatic affairs with those who we currently have diplomatic ties with to questions about how each of the candidates would deal with slackers in the Foreign Affairs department.

One of the more interesting topics which were raised during the campaign was how they planned on turning the ARR, the department of recruiting for Abyss, from a failure to a success. Since the ARR had been formed it has had limited success and has struggled in getting in dedicated recruiters who are willing to spend their spare time trying to get in new members. Of course the ARR has not been as successful as anyone would like mainly because it was set up during the summer lull, yet with this now during to a close it is imperative that the ARR gets up and running again.

When asked how recruiting would be improved, Davidu answered in a strong manner, “Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of any region, and is not to be taken lightly. In the past, Abyss has attempted to use a fairly large amount of nations(5-7) to recruit, allowing them to recruit at their leisure, and on the side of other jobs in the region. This was ineefective, and i think that having a small number, possibly 2-3, of recruiters, who only recruit and do it very often, will get far more done. I wont let any of the appointed recruiters slack off, and will work to make sure that the recruiting it self is all top notch, with interesting and captivating recruitment letters that get on a personal level.”

Far Hills took a more lenient approach to this question, “Recruiting is a major issue with any region, and must remain a main priority. We can always ask everyone in Abyss to do some recruiting if they have time, but recruiting is strictly voluntary because you really can't force anyone to do anything in NS, unless we want make Abyss a region where you can't join unless you do recruiting, etc. Which is a path, by the way, I hope we never take because that just ruins the fun and attraction of Abyss. To overcome this obstacle, we need to find willing people who enjoy recruiting, like Mouse 3000. I have to admit, though, that I'm pretty bad at recruiting, so I would probably ask him to come up with some ideas. Maybe, though, we could have army help out in this, such as when there are no campaigns going on, they could spend some time recruiting.”

After the announcement had been made and Davidu had been confirmed as the winner, Far Hills, not being one to hold sour grapes, Congratulated Davidu as soon as he knew he had lost.

With the appointment the FAC shall be soon getting back on track with all of its duties and soon shall be at the forefront of Foreign Affairs once more.

Monday, September 19, 2005

FAC runners announced!

Following the deletion of Monadnock last week, new elections for the FAC were announced by the directorate to fill the empty seat that is now left.

Two people decided to run for the position with well known and respected members of Abyss as well as the ARAF, Davidu and Far Hills both put their names down and entered the race. With both candidates being well respected members it is anticipated that this election will be one of the closest in Abyss history.

Davidu has been in Abyss since the back end of February this year, just a month since its founding and is one of the oldest members still alive today. Davidu was also one of the first members of the ARAF and since then has gone on many campaigns most of which have been successful.

Davidu was brought to Abyss by the nation who he plans to replace on the FAC, Monadnock, who sent him a strong and well written recruitment TG shortly after starting in the game. As Abyss was still a very young region when he arrived, Davidu had a very important part to play in the way Abyss grew.

When asked what was his reasons for running for a seat on the FAC, Davidu responded with “One of my primary reasons for being so interested in becoming a member of the FAC is the regions weak recruiting. Arduous recruitment from multiple, and commited, nations is required for our region to truly grow, and i plan on making that happen.”

Far Hills joined Abyss in the last few days of April and since that time has grown to be an important member of the region. He like many joined the ARAF after he joined and has since rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel. During his time here he has helped in many ways through doing recruiting to making the Intel avatars among other things. He is also currently an ambassador to one of the regions Abyss has Diplomatic Relations with. He joined Abyss again after Monadnock sent him a well written recruitment letter, explaining to him the happenings and goings on in Abyss.

Asked about his reasoning for running for a seat on the FAC, Far Hills stated, “ Well, up until this point, one could say I have been involved in "external" jobs of Abyss, nothing too terribly important, things that the region could have survived without being done. But now I'm looking to help out in the fabric of Abyss, in the directorate, which is what makes Abyss run.”

The campaigning shall last for one week, during which time all members of the region are asked to question them on different things and really put them to the test. AFN shall continue to follow this exciting election which is sure to go all the way to the wire.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Delegate Passes Away

Tributes poured into Abyss today, following the news of their Former Delegate Monadnock’s passing at the last update.

Monadnock was considered by many as a role model and the perfect citizen of Abyss. Following her arrival shortly after the founding by Auel Neider, She quickly got into the delegate seat without realising after endorsement swapping with the other nations of Abyss and, following words of encouragement from Auel, she rose to the challenge and took Abyss to new heights on the international stage.

In a statement from the Abyss founder, shortly after the news of her death came through, Auel stated his belief of Monadnock being Abyss’s ‘finest member’ “Today Abyss has lost its finest member. As Delegate and Head of Foreign Affairs she was all Abyss could wish for. Monadnock had a lot of influence in the way Abyss developed and without her Abyss would probably be a far lesser place. Any future replacements will have a hard time living up to the high standards she set for the two positions. Monadnock left us without giving us a reason. I have high hopes that we will hear from her again in the future.”

Monadnock was one of the ‘Old Guard’ Abyss members who, along with Oksana and Saves [Both now deceased], made up the Foreign Affairs Committee following the formation of the Directorate. Since that time she has outlived her two colleagues and ran the FAC pretty much on her own with great success. During her reign no less than 38 embassies were set up with other regions in Nationstates all of which are still active and established today.

Interim Delegate Nova Panoptik Paid his tribute to the nation he is succeeding, “Thank you Monadnock. Without you the landscape of Abyss would not be the same. I hope your real life goes as well as your time in Abyss did.”

Monadnock became known throughout all of the Political Spectrum of NS, through her dealings with all regions regardless of their political stance or their size. She organised Diplomatic relations with regions who are very active on the defending world, such as The Proletariat Coalition, to empire Builders, like Great Britain and Ireland.

Her co worker on the FAC, Maximum Depreciation, said this on the woman who he worked with for a short amount of time, “Here’s to you Monadnock, it was good while it lasted! Good luck to you in Real Life”

While she was Head of FAC Abyss entered into 3 Mutual Defence Alliances with the regions of Zion, City of London and The Allied States of EuroIslands. These agreements were each individually hand written by herself as she strived to get only the best deals possible for Abyss.

A nation which has worked for her for many years now as the Chief of The Diplomatic Corps, Quagmire Rocks was extremely saddened following the death of one of the nations he believes he was closest to, “Thanks Monadnock for all you done for abyss, you are part of the reason why I stayed here. All I hope is that you are ok.”

Monadnock also at times took an active role within the military when she needed to, with the failed defence and liberation of the Land of NI the most obvious example. Here she organised the military operation with nearly 10 other defender organisations with such precision that the liberation attempts almost succeeded, but unfortually the invader delegate saw the attempt just before the update….

One of the men who took part in this operation was Commander Davidu of the ARAF who gave a short thank you to her for everything she had done, “goodbye monadnock, and thank you.”

Abyss now enters a new era in its history with only its second ever delegate taking the position since its formation in January 2005. It is yet to be seen how Abyss shall guide itself after the death of one of its Greatest Ever Members.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nationstates Server crash 2: Crash Harder.

On 26th August 2005, the second major server crash of the year happened, resulting in chaos reigning supreme throughout Nationstates. At around 3:00 yesterday afternoon GMT, players of the game found they could no longer log onto their nations, finding that they had been deleted without notice. Many Players had wondered what they had done wrong and why they had been deleted, with some even sending some strong worded Emails to the mods.

It soon became apparent however that it was not the Mods doing this but the sever. People started to notice that the feeders, (North south east and west Pacific’s) were no longer there, along with many player created regions just disappearing.

With reports of logging into your nation causes them to delete, many players stopped in their tracks and decided that the safest option would be to stay away from the game just in case they have done permanent damage to their nations.

After a short while the Admins of the game, closed the site altogether putting up this message to anyone who tried to enter.

“Earlier today (26 August 2005) our server experienced some data corruption, and the game is offline while we fix this. The fix will probably require restoring from a backup. We do not have an estimate for how long this will take nor when the backups will be from. I promise a status update by 7pm PST. (Unfortunately, I can't take the day off from work to fix this.)Restoring from backup means, unfortunately, that all nations and regions will lose any changes made in the last 20 hours.Any status updates will be posted to this page. Thank you for your patience.”

Following the fast work by the Admins the game was up and running within hours of this statement be given with only a few hours lost. To allay any fears that had arisen SalusaSecondus released a further statement,

“Yes, folks, it happened again. We filled up our hard disk. Apparently our fixes from the first time around didn't quite work. So, what's the situation? We ran out of space and the game tried (valiantly) to go on by making more space, by wiping out your accounts. Clearly it had its priorities messed up. Fortunately, a backup completed shortly before the game crashed. (Personally, I suspect that the backup caused the game to crash.) This means that I think that we lost just a few hours of data. I don't know how much yet. I'll get around to figuring that out after the game is fixed.
Our current status is "inconsistent". This means that the game is a tad confused about what's going on. So, until this is fixed, I've disabled new accounts. If you created an account between the last backup and the crash, your account is gone. Sorry. There are other problems that we'll be dealing with over the next week, but the game should be back to normal for most of you within a day.
Oh, yeah. I'm writing new code to keep this from ever happening again.”

AFCS Outgrows its Predecessor.

With the split of The Federal Commonwealth Society after allegations of Their founder not being who he said to be, the main bulk of weight on the political stage of NS has been in the hands of Posul, Current Prime Minister of the FCS. This is all set to change however as A Federal Commonwealth Society, started after the enforced exile of Great Britain, has grown in stature over the months after it has been formed.

After a vigorous recruiting campaign by Great Britain, the numbers of the AFCS have risen significantly while the FCS has stayed stagnate. This is due to many reasons, one of the main ones being the commitment of AFCS to rise up and reinstate Great Britain as the rightful leader of The Federal Commonwealth Society and to prove to Posul that Great Britain is Great Britain.

This news comes just days after it was announced that the planned elections to reunite the regions had been called off by Posul, after claiming that GB had been uncooperative.

“GB has been uncooperative during this time, I offered a third party to come in and he never responded therefore I am calling off the elections for good"

This action did shock a few members on both sides of this ‘Civil War’ with some sections stating that the regions could remain split forever.

Opinions are still quite divided in both regions with Arintaria commenting that, “even if the elections were perfectly fair and legal, it still wouldn't solve anything. Posul and GB are two very different people with two very different ways of running the region. Perhaps we all should just leave things be. Posul seems to be happy running the FCS and GB seems to be happy running the AFCS. Would uniting the regions actually cause more problems than it solves? I think it might. Especially between the leaders. There is obviously some friction between them and perhaps leaving them alone to run their respective region and sort things out privately with each other when they are ready to do so may be best. The rest of us can't force them to work together if they aren't ready to to so and it really isn't fair of us to try.”

With the AFCS about to exceed its predecessor in terms of numbers the chances of reconciliation seem to be growing ever more remote while the chances of a greater conflict are on the increase.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Defender V's Defender in battle for the Club

In a move which shocked most of the defender community and left the invader world laughing, Defender went against Defender in the region of The Old Raiding club. The ‘Invader’ this time around was a Defender called Crazy Girl under the alias of Silent Wolf who, with the help of other ADN Members, entered the region after seeing its founder had been inactive for 59 days.

Lead by the nation of Bimmisaari, a Task force was sent out to counter this offensive and the ensuing battle saw Defender pitched against Defender, something no one ever likes to see.

At the turn of the Update, The Task force lead by Bimmisaari took the delegate position with the final count of 8-6. In an unexpected twist the founder of The Old Raiding Club was not deleted at the stroke of update meaning the delegate controls remain off, forcing those who defended the region to stay there until the ‘invaders’ have left.

When asked about how he felt about having to go on this mission to stop another defender from invading, Bimmisaari released this statement, “I didn't like it at all. While members of the RLA and NPDF were tied up in this region, at least two other regions were taken by real invaders.”
“I don't think defenders should ever invade. When they do, they give a victory to the invaders who then can claim that defenders have no principles. You could see that in The Old Raiding Club even after the NPDF and RLA pulled out. Even though my only action as delegate was to eject My Warrior Puppet, raiders continued to come into the region and smear us. “

When asked about ADN involvement in this, Bimmisaari said, “From what I've heard, this was not an ADN-sanctioned mission but other defenders in my region are still not pleased with their actions.

Crazy Girl was unavailable for comment on this story

With Defenders now being classed by some as hypocrites and having double standards, parts of the defender world has united to denounce this operation , stating that the ADN and other defender organisations should be concentrating on defending regions which need there help instead of going on pointless expeditions. Other defenders have stated that they are for this type of action to combat invaders.

With this topic being debated all around NationsStates, some parts of the defender world have voiced that Crazy Girl was right to invade the region.

“You have to fight invaders somewhere, why not in a region they hold dear?” Auel Neider Founder of Abyss on the events that are unfolding, “Only one invader group has to be stupid enough to try to retake ORC in the name of invader pride or something and we would have a victory. An invader trying to retake ORC can't invade somewhere else.”

Other’s have agreed with his statement with Glenon of the Genvali United stating, “ we are in a war against invaders. If we are in a war, why shouldn't we strike at Invaders instead of waiting for them to strike us?”

This has driven a divide down the defender community with some nations believing this event hides the good work that defenders do everyday in helping regions which need it. The general consensus seems to be that no matter what, this will leave a mark of some kind on defenders as a whole.

Giant Cheese Weasels of Peaceian had this to say on the matter, “I am firmly against any action in TORC as it is completely hypocritical of everything we're supposed to stand for! I for one will be ordering the PLF out to Defend TORC if any Defenders…move in to take the Delegacy of a region”

Despite concerns which have been raised by members of the defender community, there has been support for this by many nations, including Snowflake of Dun eideann, “ It was a great opportunity and very difficult to pass by. Taking and holding an Invader Region would be a coup, and would send a poignant message to the Invaders.”

This debate is surely going to go on for a while, with Defenders being split as to who was right and who was wrong. Without a doubt the actions of a few Defenders, right or wrong, has highlighted the difference in principles and ideas between Nations that spend there NS life defending. While this can be a bad thing it can also be a good thing, as it shows that Defenders shall, no matter what, always try and help those which are in danger of losing the freedom to run their region how they like, no matter what the region, or who the natives.